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Online Marriage Counseling at Thriveworks Rhode Island Counseling—Professional Marriage Help

Love is a doozy. We find someone who brings joy to our life; who makes each day better. And then, often, if that love holds strong, we decide to embark on a lifelong partnership with this person. Marriage means a long-term commitment to love the given person and walk alongside them for the rest of our days. Often, one’s wedding day is beautiful, a promising look at the future that’s ahead. What we tend to forget, though, is that relationships aren’t all butterflies and rainbows. They require hard work, and sometimes, they’re put to the test—as the couple is confronted with challenges like financial difficulties, career changes, the journey that is parenting, and more.

When these challenges prove difficult to resolve, couples—both newly married and those coming up on their 50-year anniversary—can find help in marriage counseling. Marriage counseling helps couples better resolve the challenges that arise in their marriage, including those listed above and others. The truth is that there’s no telling what challenges a couple might run into; however, it is safe to say that no matter who you are and no matter how strong your love is, you will encounter some difficulty along the way!

I lost my way all the way to you and in you I found my way.”


If you and your spouse are having difficulties in your marriage, consider meeting with a Thriveworks Rhode Island marriage counselor. Our counselors function entirely online, which means they will be able to help you and your spouse during a telephone counseling or video counseling session. Both prove to be effective counseling options—and on top of that, our guess is that these online counseling sessions will prove more convenient and comfortable for you, too! If you’d like to schedule a marriage counseling session at Thriveworks Rhode Island Counseling, just contact our office. We’re ready for you!

How Can Marriage Counseling Help My Relationship?

The primary purpose of marriage counseling is to help couples improve their relationship. Sometimes, this means working through specific problems; and other times, this means finding new ways to reconnect or revitalize your marriage. At Thriveworks Rhode Island Counseling, our marriage counselors get to know each couple, including why they have decided to seek marriage counseling as well as how they can best help them; then, they design a plan for helping them achieve their goals for their relationship.

Now, there are several topics that are common in marriage counseling, including:

  • Financial strain or struggle
  • Parenting problems and adjustments
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Growing apart
  • Differing values
  • Opposing visions for the future
  • Poor communication

If your marriage is struggling, due to the above or another problem that we haven’t yet touched on, consider reaching out to Thriveworks Rhode Island Counseling. Our marriage counselors are confident that they can help you and your spouse resolve these conflicts and strengthen the core of your relationship.

What Are the Perks of Working with an Online Counselor?

There are many perks that come with online counseling, of which you don’t always get in in-person counseling. For example, in online counseling, you and your spouse can more easily attend your session without worrying about scheduling conflicts. It’s easier to align your schedules to join a video session or a telephone counseling session, as you can both join from your respective locations. Additionally, there are often more appointment options in online counseling; so if you’d prefer to attend your session from home together, you can schedule an evening or weekend appointment when you are both home from work!

In addition, online counseling offers greater comfort. Many people are nervous to come into the office for a counseling session, as they find it intimidating or don’t like what they’ve seen on television. While the depictions of counseling in TV shows and movies are often misleading, it’s fair to prefer to attend counseling from home instead. This comfort paired with greater convenience and flexibility makes for an all-around great counseling option. If you and your spouse have been looking into marriage counseling options, consider online marriage counseling at Thriveworks Rhode Island.

Schedule Online Marriage Counseling at Thriveworks Rhode Island

Thriveworks Rhode Island Counseling is taking new clients now! We have a team of marriage counselors and couples therapists, who are ready and eager to help couples build the relationships that they want and deserve. Again, these professionals can help you address and manage specific relationship issues as well as offer tactics for improving your marriage as a whole.

To schedule online marriage counseling at Thriveworks Rhode Island, just contact our office. Our scheduling team is here, and they can get you set up for your first telephone or video counseling session now. You might even meet with your provider the same day as your call! We’ll help you meet with a marriage counselor at your earliest convenience.

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