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We wrongly assume that kids are fine and/or naïve. We often fail to think about what they might be going through. For example, any given child might get bullied at school; they’ll surely get into arguments with their friends; they’ll eventually have their first breakup; and they’ll probably struggle in class at some point. The thing is that we might not even know about these occurrences, as kids and teens tend to keep these tidbits to themselves, as they don’t want to worry their parents or seek advice from them. However, it is important that these young individuals get the help and support that they need at any point in their childhood or adolescence.

All kids need is a little help, a little hope,

and someone who believes in them.”

–Magic Johnson

The good news is that there are mental health providers who devote their lives to helping kids. These professionals understand that childhood can be hard! That kids, adolescents, and teens face adversity, of which can have lasting effects on their wellbeing. They also know how to best help these individuals when they come to them with a specific problem or need.

Have you noticed an unhealthy or worrisome change in your child? Is there a mental illness or mental health concern? Do you think they could benefit from talking to a professional? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, consider calling Thriveworks Rhode Island Counseling. Our Thriveworks Rhode Island child therapists would be honored to step in and help your child. Our counselors function entirely online—they are available to meet with your child by video or telephone.

Why or When Should I Look Into Therapy for My Child?

Child therapy can prove helpful and valuable in many different situations. For instance, a child or teen’s exposure to trauma such as the death of a loved one might necessitate therapy. Also, social problems, signs of a learning disorder, and/or behavioral issues might also necessitate the need for an outsider’s intervention.

Therapy for kids can also help if he or she is experiencing tough emotions that they don’t know how to manage, talk about, or even understand. It’s important to help your child through their trials and tribulations now, as the tools that they learn will not only help them with their current issues but issues that they might encounter in the future, too. Look at your life. Think about the daily or weekly challenges you face. Don’t you want to set your child up for success? The child therapists at Thriveworks Rhode Island will help your child find greater happiness and success for many years to come.

How Does Therapy for Kids Work?

There are specific counseling techniques used in child therapy to help kids express themselves and their needs. For example, a common approach to child therapy is play therapy. Play therapy is an effective intervention that therapists better understand what a child might be feeling or experiencing. As you might have guessed, the child expresses him or herself through play—they might play with blocks, puzzles, dolls, or other toys that the counselor has in his or her office. In addition to play therapy, child therapists often use…

  1. Family therapy: If a child’s therapist has identified behavioral issues, they can help the child’s parents come up with an effective behavioral plan. This is just one example of how family therapy can prove helpful to a child.
  2. Cognitive behavioral therapy: In cognitive behavioral therapy, counselors might teach kids helpful coping techniques for stressful or otherwise difficult situations.
  3. Group therapy: Group therapy might also prove beneficial in child therapy, especially if the child is experiencing emotional or behavioral challenges. Group therapy brings kids together who are having the same problems, so they can learn with and from each other.

Child therapy can help many kids and teens and in different ways! If you think that your child would find value in talking to or working with a therapist, call Thriveworks Rhode Island Counseling.

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Thriveworks Rhode Island Counseling is here and ready to help your kid if they are struggling mentally, emotionally, or behaviorally. And we are here to do it in a virtual environment. We have the following online counseling options:

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  • Telephone counseling

If you think that your child could benefit from talking to one of our providers, just pick up the phone and contact us. We’ll be happy to get them started with online child therapy.

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