See a Board-Certified Psychiatrist in West Columbia, SC

See a Board-Certified Psychiatrist in West Columbia, SC

You would never guess that Ryan Reynolds has fallen victim to gut-wrenching, cold-sweating episodes of anxiety.

And yet, it’s true. The actor, who has achieved runaway success in his role as the snarky superhero Deadpool and been named both GQ’s Man of the Year and People’s Sexiest Man Alive, has trouble staying calm before the cameras turn on.

During interviews, Reynolds has recounted that during his tenure on ABC sitcoms, he used to mingle with audience members to redirect restless energy and distract himself from his pre-stage nausea. Even now, he admits to losing his appetite before interviews.

As Reynold’s lived experiences show, anyone — even people who seem perfect under the spotlight — can struggle with anxiety. Mental health struggles are as invisible as they are pervasive. Anyone can have them, and everyone needs help to get through them.

If you need professional support to help you face your struggles and build your best life, you can and should seek support from a licensed psychiatrist. Not sure where to start? Reach out to a psychiatrist at Thriveworks in West Columbia, SC today to start managing your symptoms.

Would a Psychiatrist in West Columbia Be Able To Help Me?

Mental disorders cover a wide range of problems and often affect people in different ways. The symptoms you experience during an anxiety attack, depressive episode, or another mental health event may not match those experienced by someone who shares your diagnosis — and that’s okay! Improving your mental health is a unique journey that you and your psychologist will take together.

Our psychiatrists are accredited and trained to support clients who have a wide range of psychological conditions. These include but are not limited to:

  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Eating disorders
  • Substance abuse
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Phobias
  • Insomnia
  • Mood swings
  • Personality disorders

If you need help, seek it. No one deserves to struggle through their symptoms alone. Connecting with one of Thriveworks’ licensed psychiatrists could give you the support you need to address your condition and improve your daily life.

What Does Psychiatric Treatment Involve?

When you make an appointment with a Thriveworks psychiatrist, you’ll be treated by a medical doctor who is board-certified to address the mental and physical aspects of psychological conditions.

Your psychiatrist will chat with you about your symptoms, take your medical history, and conduct a physical examination. If necessary, they may also conduct psychological tests or order lab work.

Once they have all of this information in-hand, your psychiatrist will develop a diagnosis. Then, they’ll communicate that diagnosis to you, provide context for your condition, and put together a treatment plan that will address your current concerns and help you attain a higher level of mental and physical health.

Your journey begins the day you have your first consultation. Once you have the opportunity to address the issues affecting your life, you can get the right kind of treatment. While each person’s treatment plan is unique and contingent on their condition, your psychiatrist may recommend that you:

  • Engage in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) or other forms of talk therapy
  • Learn coping mechanisms to alleviate symptoms
  • Begin an exercise routine or change your diet
  • Eliminate alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine intake

Your therapist may also prescribe medications to manage your symptoms. Medication is often recommended when there is an underlying reason, such as a chemical imbalance, for a condition. Talk to a Thriveworks psychiatrist in West Columbia, SC to find out what kind of treatment plan would be right for you.

Schedule a Psychiatry Appointment at Thriveworks in West Columbia, SC

It’s a good idea to take your mental well-being every bit as seriously as your physical health. At Thriveworks, we’ve helped countless people assert control over their lives by reducing their anxiety, addressing their depression, and otherwise minimizing their symptoms. Our services are convenient and accessible.

Here are a few of the benefits we offer our clients:

  • Extended hours on weekends and on weekday evenings
  • Same-day and next-day appointment availability
  • Virtual psychiatry appointments by phone or video chat
  • A flexible 23.5-hour cancellation policy
  • Access to our proprietary Therapy Buddy chat app
  • Permission to join our therapist-moderated community discussions
  • Access to our “Dear Abby” life coaching service

Our licensed psychiatrists are accessible to meet your needs. Make your appointment today by calling us at Thriveworks in West Columbia, SC. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Good people.

Everyone is very nice and are really easy to talk to!
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Debra Maxwell is Awesome!

Debbie has helped me effectively manage the stress in my current work environment. She has also provided me with practical real-life applications to help me work toward my immediate and long-term goals. I am fortunate to have Debbie as a therapist!
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Debbie is such an amazing person to talk to and she helped me through so much in the past year. She has helped me to understand myself and work through my problems. Absolutely amazing :)
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Former Employee

Mrs. Anna Gantt-Gordon has an exceptional personality and attitude in working with clients. She goes the extra mile to advocate and encourages others. Great to work with.
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Faculty & Service

I highly recommend Thriveworks! The service from the faculty is surperb from the front office to the life coaches & counselors!! I have been going to Thriveworks for 3 years now and, I absolutely love it! They don't treat you like a number like the other places do! If you or someone you know needs couciling then call Thriveworks Mon-Sat! Yes, I said Saturday! They will help you in anyway they can to make you see the light at the end of the tunnel! Thank you Thriveworks for all of the services y'all have provided me with and still do! Without of all of you I don't know where I would be today!
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Wonderful People

From the moment I first walked through the doors, I have been treated with respect, and care. I feel so at ease with all the people I have met there. I cannot recommend this team of mental health care providers enough!
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Great People who care!

I was having a hard time with my partner and was ready to give up, but we took a chance after some research and found the help we really needed. Sometime you need someone to sit, listen, and guide you. Thank You!
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It was difficult asking for help, but the staff and therapist ensured that I was comfortable and made it the best decision. I plan to continue going again.
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Caring and Intellegent professionals who care about you and are very successful at what they do.
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will never leave thriveworks!!

Absolutely love and the staff! They genuinely care about me and my family! We are not an instance claim.or a case number, we are individuals and treated as such! I would never recommend another theraputical office to anyone else.! I wish I could give 10 stars because they deserve it!!!! HIGHLY recommend to anyone seeking services!
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