Cincinnati Psychiatry—Psychiatric Treatment in Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati Psychiatry—Psychiatric Treatment in Cincinnati, OH

What is your favorite memory? Maybe it’s the memory of your husband walking down the aisle. Or, maybe it’s the memory of your daughter being born. Whatever it is, it probably makes you feel happy and grateful.

Now, what is your least favorite memory? This one isn’t as fun to think about or answer. Maybe it’s the memory of your grandfather passing away. Or, maybe it’s the memory of a traumatic event that still keeps you up at night. 

The harsh reality is that life isn’t only composed of good days. It comes with some bad days too. There are times where we feel happy and on top of the world. But there are also times where we feel sad, angry, afraid, and disappointed. The good news is that there are professionals who commit their lives to helping us through the bad times and also cheering us on during the good times. 

Mental health professionals are experts in helping individuals address their mental health challenges and live better. These are the people to talk to when you’re experiencing something that causes you distress, be it a traumatic experience or symptoms of a mental illness. 

If you’re going through some of the bad days that we all encounter in our lifetime, consider talking to a psychiatrist. Psychiatrists are mental health professionals as well as medical doctors who can treat their clients using both therapy and medication. They can also conduct psychological tests and diagnose mental disorders.

Thriveworks Counseling in Cincinnati, OH can connect you with a psychiatrist right now. At Thriveworks, our psychiatrists work with their clients virtually. If you choose to schedule an appointment, you can look forward to meeting with your psychiatrist over the phone or video.

Is It Time for Me to Meet with a Psychiatrist?

What do you do when you have a bad day? Do you call up a friend and talk to them about what’s going on? Do you write it down in a journal? Do you lace up your tennis shoes and go for a run? These are all examples of healthy coping mechanisms. That said, sometimes managing or resolving a problem can’t be accomplished with self-care. Sometimes, our problems need to be discussed with a professional.

If you are suffering mentally or emotionally and the problem can be managed on your own, you should talk to a mental health professional. Psychiatrists, specifically, are equipped to help people understand and manage their mental health challenges. Here are a few common challenges, some of which we mentioned earlier:

  • The loss of a friend, family member, or relationship
  • Symptoms of a mental illness, like depression
  • Traumatic events, like abuse or a car accident
  • Relationship problems, like lack of trust or jealousy
  • Issues with violence or aggression, towards oneself or others
  • Family conflicts or disagreements

These challenges can hinder every important area of life. For example, the death of a family member can make focusing at work difficult and also cause one to neglect their relationships with others. Fortunately, though, when we properly address these challenges, we can heal, manage, and work towards a happier, healthier life.

Psychiatric Treatment: Therapy and Medication 

Psychiatrists fulfill a few main needs: They can diagnose mental disturbances, provide treatment for them, and also help to prevent them (from developing or worsening). They assess each client’s specific needs, from their presentation of symptoms to any goals they have for themselves during their time in treatment.

In treating mental health conditions, psychiatrists often recommend therapy, the use of medication, or both. In fact, the two together proves to be a powerful combination that helps people heal and improve their symptoms. 

If you are struggling to address or manage any of the challenges we’ve discussed, we recommend that you reach out for help. We know that it can feel scary, but we also know that it can change your life. 

Schedule an Appointment with a Psychiatrist at Thriveworks in Cincinnati, OH

If you feel ready to schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist (or another professional), reach out to Thriveworks today. You can click here to read about our counselors and schedule your session yourself or call (614) 428-0624 We have scheduling specialists on standby who are here to help and answer any questions you may have. 

Our psychiatrists offer convenient, comfortable telehealth care over video and phone call. They’re excited to meet you virtually!

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