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Ella has chronic anxiety. It started during her late teens and progressively got worse during her first year of college. When her worrying became almost crippling, her parents insisted she visit the therapist on campus.

After several visits, Ella came to realize she had strong fears about her ability to succeed as a student. While she’d always done fine in school, the pressure she placed on herself had taken its toll. After a dozen or so sessions with her anxiety counselor, she was better equipped with skills for coping with anxiety when she feels it start to rear its head.

Ella isn’t alone. Anxiety is common among young people, and it often pops up during youth and early adulthood. Long-lasting anxiety can also lead to depression, though the two are separate. Other symptoms include trouble concentrating, worry, tension, and agitation.

Anxiety and depression are not the same medical conditions, but they are connected. Symptoms of depression are similar to those of anxiety, plus loss of interest in daily activities, changes in appetite, low self-esteem, depressed mood, and suicidal ideation. You do not have to have all of either set of symptoms to have the associated disorder.

Therapy for anxiety and depression available immediately at Thriveworks Counseling in Cincinnati, OH. Our professional counselors will work with you to develop a treatment plan that’s right for you. It’s time to get on the road to recovery.

Am I Depressed? Do I Have an Anxiety Disorder?

First and foremost, if you have thoughts about harming yourself, contact someone immediately. If that isn’t the case, it’s a good idea to contact a professional if your symptoms are ongoing and/or negatively impacting your life.

If you’ve developed some of the symptoms above, it’s likely you’ve developed or will start to develop coping mechanisms. For example, if you experience anxiety in certain situations, you may have begun avoiding those situations. While in the short term that’s understandable, in the long term, it can impact your quality of life. Seeing a therapist can help you develop skills to help you feel more comfortable in those situations instead of avoiding them completely.

Thriveworks in Cincinnati, OH has counselors who understand how difficult living with anxiety and depression can be:

  • Missing out on your favorite activities
  • Harmful changes in sleeping and eating habits
  • Inability to focus at school or work
  • Distance in what used to be your closest relationships
  • A lack of interest in life itself

Mental health professionals who specialize in the treatment of anxiety and/or depression can help you regain your passion for life and improve the closeness of your relationships again. if you’re feeling anxious or depressed, please reach out for help.

Therapy for Anxiety and Depression Can Help

There are many types of depression and many causes of anxiety. No one is exactly the same. Whether or not you have symptoms that match someone else’s story doesn’t matter. If any single symptom feels familiar, or if you just know something is wrong, contact us. There are many different types of therapy that can help with different depressive and anxiety conditions including generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), major depression, social anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, and panic disorder.

Therapy for anxiety and depression begins with your therapist getting to know you and your mental health and personal history. You’ll spend time discussing any “sticky points” in either your past or your current situation that may be impacting you. From there, you and your anxiety or depression counselor will be able to better understand the root of your problems.

You see, it’s rare that something just pops up on its own. There’s usually an unresolved past or current situation that has festered in your psyche, causing depression or anxiety. Once we figure out what the cause is, we can go to work developing a plan to overcome it. Usually, that will include learning some skills—possibly skills for coping with anxiety, or communication skills. Additionally, we’ll work with you to retrain your thought process from a negative one to a positive one. This is often done in a form of therapy called cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

Thriveworks in Cincinnati, OH Offers Counseling for Anxiety and Depression

If you’re struggling with anxiety, depression, or both, contact Thriveworks Counseling in Cincinnati. Our experienced therapists are available and can successfully treat anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses. And our extended hours along with our ability to schedule you quickly—usually within 24 hours—mean you won’t have to wait to be seen. You can thrive. We can help.

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