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Think about your day to day, as well as your typical work week. How much time do you spend at your job? A large portion of the US spends 8-9 hours a day, or a total of 40-45 hours a week, at work. In other words, we spend a lot of our time at our jobs! Ideally, this means that we would enjoy what we do for a living. However, for many of us, the opposite is true.

Your career serves multiple purposes. First and foremost, it serves to support you and your family, financially. But that isn’t all. Your job should also bring you joy, success, fulfillment, and meaning. At the very least, it should allow you to utilize your best skills and engage in activities that you enjoy. If your current job does not bring you this financial security, joy, success, fulfillment, and/or meaning, it might be worth exploring different career paths—of which you can do with a career counselor.

“Good mentors are essential for a successful career.” –Lailah Gifty Akita

Thriveworks North Charleston, SC has career counselors and coaches on staff who can help you make sense of your current career and explore other possibilities. You don’t have to settle. It is possible to find a job that provides you with the means to live in the form of money, success, and fulfillment. Let us help you get there. To schedule an appointment with a career counselor or coach at Thriveworks North Charleston, SC, just call (843) 261-5949. You can even work with your counselor online, via telephone or video counseling. We can accommodate your needs. Reach out to schedule your first session.

How Can a Career Counselor or Coach Help Me?

The career counselors at Thriveworks North Charleston, SC work with many different people to find a job that suits their most important needs and goals. They help recent college grads as well as people in their mid-30s and those who are retiring in just a few years. If you’re looking to find greater happiness or success in your career, you can find value in working with a career counselor or coach.

The career counselors at Thriveworks North Charleston want to assist you on this essential journey. They can help you evaluate the current state of your happiness in your career and then help you explore other job options that might check more boxes on your list of necessities. Remember: ideally, your job will provide you with financial means and also allow you to grow well, find greater success, and feel fulfilled throughout your life. Here are several questions your career coach might ask you to think about:

  1. What kind of jobs interest or excite you?
  2. What jobs align with your skills and interests?
  3. What missions do you really care about?
  4. How much money do you need to make or hope to make?
  5. Where do you hope to be in five years, personally and professionally?
  6. If you could be anything in the world, what would it be?
  7. What kind of job will bring you meaning and fulfillment?

These are important questions that can serve as a compass and guide you toward the career path that is right for you. Our career counselors at Thriveworks North Charleston will help you explore your answers to these questions and do their best to point you in the right direction.

Work with a Career Counselor at Thriveworks North Charleston

Are you currently lacking growth or success in your career? Do you dread going to work each day? Are you looking for a job that will pay more? Whatever it is, a career counselor or coach at Thriveworks North Charleston can help you explore your options and find the career you’re looking (or hoping) for. We can help you in onsite counseling sessions or online counseling sessions. You get to pick! Either way, we are here and excited to help you.

You can easily and quickly schedule your appointment by calling Thriveworks North Charleston at (843) 261-5949. Our scheduling team is here to set you up with the provider who suits your needs and best help you accomplish your career mission.

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