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Mental health professionals utilize different techniques to make their clients feel comfortable and help them find healing. These techniques include active listening, reflection, empathy, and effective communication skills, which ultimately guide the individuals in counseling to a happier, healthier place. That said, while therapy is beneficial, people seeking mental health care may also benefit from taking medication when they’re diagnosed with a mental illness. In these cases, medication management is the key to finding the right one.

The nurse practitioners at Thriveworks Newark help clients find the medication that is suitable for them, whether that’s an antidepressant, a mood stabilizer, or another. At Thriveworks Newark, many clients receive care from both a licensed therapist and nurse practitioner.  This way, care is coordinated, and clients have a “one stop shop” to meet all their mental health needs.  No need to go one place for therapy, and another for medication.

Who Can Benefit from Medication Management?

Many falsely assume that only the most severe cases of mental health conditions call for medication. This, however, is not the case. In fact, many different people with many different conditions can benefit from medication: those with ADHD, those with depression, those with bipolar disorder, those with anxiety, those with insomnia (just to name a few).   If you’ve been diagnosed with a mental health condition, it’s important you seek treatment. Or, if you’ve been experiencing symptoms of a mental health disorder, it’s important you see a mental health professional and receive diagnosis. In either case, a nurse practitioner at Thriveworks Newark can help. They can treat your condition, offer diagnosis, and even help you better understand your symptoms.

Why Is It So Important to Understand Your Medication?

Here’s an important question: Why is it important you understand your medication, from the dosage to its effects? First, because success in treatment relies on your using your medication properly. Second, changing your dosage—whether that’s increasing or decreasing it—can make your situation worse, as doing so can have some dangerous effects on your health. So, if you do meet with a nurse practitioner about getting prescription medication, make sure you…

  • Disclose any and all medications you’re already on
  • Discuss any allergies or issues you’ve had with past medications
  • Understand exactly how much of the medication you should be taking and when
  • Continue to use your medication exactly as prescribed
  • Call your provider if you have any concerns or run into any problems with your medication

Meeting with a Nurse Practitioner

At Thriveworks, we strongly believe that everyone can find value in utilizing mental health services: whether you’re struggling with a mental health condition (like those mentioned above), you need a confidence boost, you’re drowning in grief, or you need some career guidance. In any of these (and many other) cases, a mental health professional can help. The point is that we all lead unique lives, but we also all have the potential to thrive—and sometimes that means working with a nurse practitioner.

If you need to meet with someone about prescribing, changing, or monitoring your psychiatric medication, reach out to Thriveworks Newark. Our nurse practitioners can offer valuable assistance, as they are…

  1. Board-certified
  2. Highly trained and experienced
  3. Client-focused
  4. Caring and compassionate

See a Nurse Practitioner at Thriveworks Newark Today

Some feel too intimidated to make that call and schedule an appointment—we get it! But we also get just how beneficial mental health care can be, and we think that breaking through those walls is worth it. If you aren’t convinced, here are a few things that will hopefully help you take that step:

  • A scheduling specialist will answer the phone and help you schedule. You won’t be forced to leave a voicemail or listen to an automated voice system.
  • There are flexible hours available. If you can’t make a daytime or even a weekday appointment, you can schedule an evening or a weekend appointment!
  • You could meet with your nurse practitioner within 24 hours of the time your call is placed. New clients often see their provider the very next day.

We hope this helped! If you’re ready to schedule your appointment, just give us a call at 302-724-6662 and we’ll get you all set up. The nurse practitioners at Thriveworks Newark look forward to meeting you and are eager to get you the services you’re looking for.

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