Online Counseling in Newark, NJ—Online Therapy by Phone or Video

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Online Counseling in Newark, NJ—Online Therapy by Phone or Video

Imagine: You just found out that the promotion you thought you were going to get went to someone else. Then your mom calls to tell you that your dad just broke his hip and is going into surgery tomorrow. Yesterday, your life was much different and today, things couldn’t get worse. You have always had a hard time dealing with difficult emotions and want to speak to a therapist, but you don’t have time to drive to an appointment. You wish there was an option that fit your needs. Luckily, there is.

On particularly rough days, when I’m sure I can’t possibly endure, I like to remind myself that my track record for getting through bad days so far is 100% and that’s pretty good. –Unknown

If you are going through something and struggling to get out of your rut, online counseling can help you. At Thriveworks Newark Counseling, we have online counselors who can help you with a myriad of different challenges. Online counseling will enable you to work with your therapist anywhere, any day of the week, whenever you need. To schedule your first appointment, give us a call. We’re here and ready to help when you are ready to begin!

What Is Online Counseling? How Does It Work?

Despite what you may think, online counseling has been around for many years. It is designed to provide clients with reliable, effective mental health care virtually from anywhere. If you are interested in online therapy, you have a couple options to choose from: phone or video chat. If you choose to meet with your counselor over the phone, they will give you a call at your scheduled appointment time. If you choose the video chat option, you will be sent a link which you’ll click on at the time of your appointment. Easy!

Both options are great but if you are having a hard time choosing one over the other, we recommend trying out both options to see what meets your needs best. The online counselors at Thriveworks Newark Counseling are happy to help you either way and just want you to be as comfortable as possible. We think that you will find online counseling beneficial, regardless of which option you choose. We’ll get into some of the great benefits of online counseling below.

What Are the Perks of Online Counseling?

Online counseling is a great option for most clients but if it doesn’t feel right to you, that’s okay! However, it does prove to be effective for many people and might be worth trying out a few times. Online therapy is particularly beneficial for people who are struggling to find a qualified mental health professional near them, are afraid of working with a therapist in person, need more flexible scheduling options, or would rather work with a therapist from home. If any of these things align with your thoughts, it might be time for you to give it a try!

Some of the added benefits of online counseling include:

  • It’s comfortable: Do you feel the safest and the most comfortable from your home? Do you wish you could unwind during your therapy session? Online counseling is an effective solution.
  • It’s convenient: In addition to the comfort of online therapy, it’s also very convenient. Wish you could talk to your counselor from your car on the way home from work? No problem. Going on vacation but still want to fit in your appointment? We have you covered. Whenever works best for you, works for us.
  • It’s reliable: You don’t have to worry about pesky outside factors like weather, traffic, or running late at work. Online counseling is never too far away.
  • It’s effective: Some might assume that online counseling might not be as effective as traditional in-person therapy but that isn’t the case. Some might even say that online therapy is more However, that’s not to say that either option will not provide the same meaningful progress. Some of our clients just feel more at ease and can open up more when speaking to their counselor virtually.

If you are dealing with relationship problems, grieving a loss, need guidance with parenting, are coping with a major life change, or battling a mental illness, online therapy can help you work through any of these challenges and more.

Work with an Online Counselor at Thriveworks Newark, NJ

We all encounter obstacles that can be hard to get through on our own. Whatever your situation may be, a counselor or therapist can help us confront and control the problem at hand. If you feel like you could benefit from speaking with a mental health professional, consider working with Thriveworks Newark Counseling.

We have flexible scheduling options with appointment times during the days, evenings, and weekends. In addition, we accept most major insurance carriers and offer great self-payment options as well. To get started, give us a call at (862) 243-3264 and a scheduling specialist will set you up with a caring, dedicated counselor. We look forward to working with you!

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