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Family Therapy — Counselors and Therapists in Newark, NJ

Family: they’re the people who drive you crazy but want the best for you no matter what. Chances are, you and your family have argued your fair share of times. You’re not alone! Just think about the sitcom That ‘70s Show. Laurie comes home after a few days being gone, starts picking out something to make Eric mad, they argue, Kitty tells them to stop and shakes her head, and Red wants to give them his all-time favorite punishment. You don’t have to be a part of the Forman family to understand what they’re going through. There have probably been a few episodes where you’ve thought to yourself, “Sounds like my family!” That’s because whether it’s on the set of a TV show or in your very own living room, every family is subject to turmoil.

What did I tell you about calling your sister the devil?” – Red Forman, “That it’s offensive to the devil?” – Eric Forman

Siblings bicker, parents fight, cousins stir the pot. Although normal, in some instances it can cause a pretty big rift in the harmony of your home. If you and your family are struggling to get along or see eye to eye on certain things, you could benefit from working with a family therapist. Thriveworks Newark Counseling has family therapists with years of experience in helping families just like the Forman’s, and they can help yours too. To get started, just give us a call. We’d be happy to help you make some changes.

When Is It the Right Time for Family Therapy?

There is never a “right” time to do something. You just have to want it.

  • Are you tired of bickering over nonsense?
  • Do you want to be finally heard?
  • Is there something you and your family are having a hard time overcoming?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are now is the time to seek help. Instead of letting your situation get worse, explore the benefits of family counseling. The counselors at Thriveworks Newark Counseling have helped families cope with issues like:

ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, divorce, drug misuse, addiction, eating disorders, parenting concerns, post-traumatic stress disorder, behavioral problems, communication issues, obsessive-compulsive disorder, financial stress or strain, grief, and loss.

These are just a few reasons why families seek out the help of a professional. Some of the reasons above may sound like individual concerns, however, they can cause tension amongst the whole family if one person is struggling to handle what they’re dealing with personally. For example, Red Forman has major anger issues and it can affect the rest of the family and their friends. By getting help for Red’s concern, the whole family can benefit as a whole.

What You Can Expect from Family Therapy

Family counseling, at its core, is designed to help families get back to a better place for their overall mental and physical wellbeing. The counselors at Thriveworks Newark are the best of the best professionals. You can trust that your family will receive the necessary assistance and skills to resolve conflicts and move forward.

When starting family therapy, your psychologist will work to understand each individual’s needs, goals, and expectations in order to figure out where the root cause of the problems lie. Doing so will allow your therapist to come up with an individualized plan of action to achieve those goals. Family therapy is often short-term, meaning families may only attend a total of nine sessions. That being said, every family is different and if you need more than nine sessions, that’s okay, too!

Our fully qualified therapists work to:

  • Offer ways for your family to support each other through thick and thin
  • Help your family break down communications barriers and offer guidance for better communication
  • Help resolve any conflicts using a variety of methods and practices
  • Show your family how to reduce conflict in the moment
  • Offer ways to build up trust within the family

Explore the Benefits of Working with a Family Therapist at Thriveworks Newark, NJ 

It’s important to work through any issues that you and your loved ones have. Waiting too long to get the help you need can result in breaking family ties, little to no trust, and broken relationships. Seeking out help is a tough choice, but a good one to make. If you are ready to heal and open your arms to your loved ones, you are in the right place.

Thriveworks Newark, NJ has a team of family counselors who are available and ready to help you this week. To get started, just give us a call at (862) 243-3264 or visit our online booking portal. You might even meet with one of our family therapists within 24 hours of your initial call. We have flexible scheduling options so you and the rest of your family can find an appointment time that fits all of your needs. Not to mention, we also have online counseling available if that’s an option you would prefer.

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