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Depression is one of the most common forms of mental illness. It can impact every aspect of your life, including your career, your relationships, and even your ability to make decisions. Individuals who suffer from depression may feel like they’re being weighed down and unable to live a happy and fulfilling life. If you’ve been dealing with a depressive disorder for an extended period of time, it may be difficult to imagine a way out.

There are many forms of depression, which is why people tend to experience it differently. Suffering from a depressive disorder doesn’t necessarily mean being plagued by thoughts of self-harm or being unable to get out of bed and go to work in the morning. It can also be a generalized feeling of unhappiness that you just can’t shake. No matter what your symptoms are, it’s important to know you’re not alone.

It’s estimated that 1 in 15 adults will suffer from depression in any given year. However, studies show that many of the individuals suffering from anxiety and depression don’t seek out the help they need to move past it. This is because unlike physical illness, many people feel ashamed of their struggles with mental health. They may be under the impression that it is a weakness on their part or that they’re incapable of being helped.

While depression can be overwhelming, it is fortunately also treatable. If you’ve been suffering from symptoms of depression and want to speak to a professional mental health counselor, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the licensed therapists at Thriveworks Counseling in Meridian, ID.

What Are Common Depression Symptoms?

Depression can take on various forms and can have a dramatic impact on your feelings and behaviors in both the short and long-term. It can affect your sleeping and eating patterns, your ability to enjoy leisure activities, and can result in a lower quality of life if it is not addressed.

For example, people with persistent depressive disorder (PDD) tend to exhibit symptoms such as irritability, lower mood levels, or feelings of hopelessness for a period of at least two years. On the other hand, major depressive disorder (MDD) is typically characterized by intense episodes where clients experience symptoms for a period of two weeks or more.

While no two individuals may experience depressive episodes in exactly the same way, here are some of the most common types of depressive symptoms:

  • Oversleeping or insomnia
  • Increased irritability
  • Changes in appetite or eating habits
  • Feelings of worthlessness
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Thoughts of self-harm or suicide
  • Substance abuse
  • Lethargy
  • Low mood

Everyone experiences ups and downs as a normal part of life. However, if you’re experiencing depressive symptoms for an extended period of time that are interfering with your daily routine, consider speaking to a mental health professional.

Can I Benefit From Depression Therapy?

Just because you’re suffering from depression now doesn’t mean it always has to be this way. Therapy has helped countless individuals struggling with depression understand what they’re going through and take steps to live the life they want.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is just one essential tool when it comes to treating depression. This form of therapy helps clients understand the role their thinking patterns play in their symptoms. The mind can have an incredible impact on one’s feelings and behaviors throughout your day. A therapist will work with you to develop problem-solving techniques that you can apply to your daily lifestyle.

Your depression may also be impacted by chemical or biological factors. Your therapist will analyze your situation and determine whether therapy, medication, or some combination of both will be the most effective route for your unique needs.

If you’re feeling like depression is dominating your life, it might be time to get help. Our trained therapists at Thriveworks Counseling in Meridian, ID are here to offer the guidance and coping strategies you need to achieve the life you want.

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At Thriveworks Counseling in Meridian, ID we’re dedicated to helping you improve your mental health. Our professional counselors have helped many individuals overcome their depression symptoms and other forms of mental illness to take control of their lives once again.

If you’ve been putting off visiting a therapist, you may find it’s easier and more affordable than you think. In addition to in-person therapy, we also offer online sessions. Evenings and weekend slots are available. New clients can have an appointment within 24 hours.

There are many additional benefits to enrolling with Thriveworks Counseling. You can always reach a therapist for help through email or by phone. You can also submit questions for a 24 hour Q&A or join our discussion boards. We even provide our clients with a free eBook about battling depression to help them on their journey.

If you want to take the next step in overcoming your depression, make an appointment today at Thriveworks Counseling in Meridian, ID.

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