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While many people have heard the term “anxiety” before, they don’t always understand exactly what it is. That’s to be expected, as anxiety symptoms can develop differently from person to person.

Have you ever felt uneasy as you await feedback on a medical test or from a boss? Do you ever worry about your future? This is what anxiety can feel like.

Everyone experiences anxiety from time to time but too much anxiety can be harmful, especially if it interferes with your daily life.

No one is immune from anxiety, not even royalty like Prince Harry or accomplished celebrities like Oprah Winfrey. Some of the most famous people in Hollywood have obtained counseling from mental health professionals to help them navigate through life, and these services are available to you as well.

Thriveworks Counseling in Meridian, ID treats many types of anxiety disorders through both in-person therapy and online counseling.

Causes and Types of Anxiety

No two people have the same exact struggles. Your anxiety symptoms may be completely different from another person’s, but that doesn’t mean you have to feel alone.

Below are just a few types of anxiety that we treat here in Meridian:

  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is classified as being worried or tense for no discernable reason. It is the most commonly diagnosed type of anxiety among people of all ages. GAD can cause you to suffer from physical symptoms that include being restless, irritated, lethargic, tense in your muscles, and unable to concentrate.
  • Agoraphobia: Agoraphobia is a condition often linked to panic disorders. You may suffer from this if you fear going far away from home or even leaving your physical comfort zone. Doing so can lead to a perceived loss of control.
  • Panic Disorder: Those suffering from a panic disorder tend to experience panic attacks. You may even fear they are imminent, causing you to panic even more. This disorder not only causes mental distress but can also lead to physical symptoms that include a fast heartbeat, an excessive amount of sweating, numbness, a tingling of body parts, and even deep breathing difficulties.
  • Social Anxiety/Phobia: Social anxiety is classified by intense shyness and the fear of interacting with other people in a public setting. You may struggle with hopelessness, obsessiveness, difficulty coping with social situations, and the fear of engaging in any public speaking.

If you feel like one or more of these apply to you, it may be time for you to seek anxiety counseling.

How Can Anxiety Therapy Help?

If you suffer from anxiety in any of these forms, don’t be afraid to seek out therapy. There are many things a mental health counselor can do to help reduce your anxiety levels.

Some types of therapy that have proven effective include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the most common types used to treat anxiety. This type of therapy is based on the idea that your default mood is controlled just as much by your thoughts as it is impacted by what is going on in your life at any given time. It is used to uncover any negative thoughts you have, along with behavior patterns that don’t have a positive effect on your life. Once those thoughts and behavior patterns are identified, you can work to adjust your mindset to more helpful and healthy behavior patterns.
  • Interpersonal: When you undergo interpersonal therapy, you focus on the relationships you have with people in your life. This is where interpersonal issues are identified and tackled. Examples of these issues may include family conflicts, any grief you haven’t effectively worked through, or changes in your personal or professional life. Undergoing this type of therapy can be helpful if the cause of your anxiety stems from the relationships that you maintain.
  • Psychoanalytic: Psychoanalytic therapy focuses on internal conflicts you may not even realize you are struggling with. You will work with your therapist to take a closer look at your desires, fears, and deepest thoughts. This can help you develop a deeper understanding of yourself, which can make anxiety much easier to deal with.
  • Acceptance and Commitment: The idea behind acceptance and commitment therapy is that it helps you focus on the values that are most important to you. It teaches you how to alter your behavior so that the way you act on a daily basis reflects the values you believe in the most.

The goal of most forms of therapy is to help you better deal with bouts of anxiety by changing the way you think and feel. You’ll learn to develop helpful coping mechanisms that can improve symptoms and reduce overwhelming feelings of anxiety.

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If in-person appointments aren’t convenient, online counseling is also provided via video chat or phone call, for your convenience. You can also call or email your counselor in between sessions and can leverage our text support for billing and scheduling questions. Thriveworks in Meridian, ID also accepts most major forms of insurance.

Make an appointment with us today to see how therapy can help your anxiety. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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