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Demetrius is always busy. As a carpenter working for himself, he often takes jobs that others with more experience can turn down. He’s often overbooked and always stressed. With the time it takes for him to travel in between each job, Demetrius wonders how he’ll ever catch up. And the other day, Demetrius ended up snapping at a client over a misunderstanding as a result of being tired. His words cost him the job and left him with a negative review on his website. 

Demetrius doesn’t want his plans to fall apart—and he knows that he will need to learn how to manage his stress while his business is taking off. That’s why he’s looking to schedule a session virtually, with an online therapist. With their help, Demetrius hopes that he can learn to manage his stress better, and learn to communicate with difficult clients in a more productive way.

Like Demetrius, you’re probably short on time, too. But being busy doesn’t mean that you don’t have time to prioritize your mental health. And with online therapy at Thriveworks in Lincoln, NE, you can connect with a provider virtually anywhere, saving you time, energy, and stress. Call our office in Lincoln, NE to get started today. 

What Is Online Therapy? Should I Talk to an Online Therapist? 

Online therapy is a modern way to connect with a mental health professional. It’s an effective and convenient way to experience the ways that a therapist can help. Rest assured that your online therapy experience with Thriveworks in Lincoln, NE will be: 

  • Safe: Our online therapy sessions follow HIPAA guidelines to protect your privacy and information. You can rest assured that Thriveworks values your safety and privacy as much as we do your mental health.
  • Effective: Our online therapy is just as effective for many of our clients as in-person sessions are. Though preference for either will vary between individuals, online therapists still provide the same level of care and support. 

Whether it’s your first meeting with a provider, or whether you have previous experience in therapy, Thriveworks in Lincoln, NE has an online counselor or therapist for you. With online therapy, you can: 

  • Avoid any potential anxiety you have about talking with a therapist in person 
  • Access the mental health services you need, even if there aren’t any therapists in your immediate area
  • Get friendship, relationship, or family counseling, no matter how far apart you are
  • Find time in your schedule to attend appointments 

How Can a Thriveworks Therapist Help Me?

Opening up to a provider can give them the feedback they need to help you start feeling better. By explaining more of your experience during your online therapy session, you can eliminate some of the weight you’re carrying, while filling your provider in, too. Our providers can assist you by:

  • Helping you regulate tough emotions, like anger or grief
  • Partnering with you to develop coping strategies 
  • Creating a treatment plan that fits your unique needs and situation 
  • Cultivating empathy and compassion between family members or couples in group therapy sessions 

Your therapist may use talk or behavioral therapy as part of your treatment plan, but it all depends on your preferences and unique needs as a client. Additionally, treatment methods may vary between providers. Though mental health conditions and disorders manifest differently for everyone, our providers commonly help everyday people manage: 

  • The loss of a loved one or friend 
  • Breakups and divorce 
  • Depression 
  • Anxiety 
  • Relationship or family problems 

Schedule an Online Therapy Session with Thriveworks in Lincoln, NE

When you call to book your virtual session and begin the process of becoming a client, you’ll be assisted by our scheduling specialists—they’re available seven days a week, so whether you’re trying to find the right appointment time, or check if a provider takes your insurance, they’ve got your back. And when you’ve become a client, you’ll get access to a wide array of perks we offer, like: 

  • Scheduling availability for weekends and evenings
  • Access to your provider as needed in-between appointments
  • Our life coach Q/A chat line for questions that can’t wait till your next session
  • A free digital copy of our book, “Leaving Depression Behind”, an invaluable guide to addressing your mental health needs 

At Thriveworks in Lincoln, NE we believe that anyone can benefit from connecting with one of our mental health professionals. With online therapy’s flexibility and comfort, there’s never been a better way to attend sessions with a therapist or counselor. If you’re ready to take your emotional well-being into your own hands, give us a call to get started.

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