Help for Families in Kansas City—Family Therapy in Kansas City, MO

Help for Families in Kansas City—Family Therapy in Kansas City, MO

The Rose family from the popular TV series Schitt’s Creek are no strangers to highs and lows in their relationships. Mom and dad duo, Moira and Johnny, were strangers in their kids’ lives while they were growing up. Instead of parenting, they were off working and traveling. Meanwhile, sister Alexis and brother David were being raised by nannies. When the Rose family has everything taken from them, they are forced to build their relationships up and learn what it means to be a real family. 

Most families aren’t being uprooted and shipped off to a little town called Schitt’s Creek to fix their issues. It often takes the help of an unbiased, outside perspective to help you get through the tough times. Family therapists are highly trained and qualified mental health professionals who can help you improve communication, tackle past trauma, manage stressors, and more. 

“Sometimes it does work out and even though everything inside us is telling us to protect ourselves, one you’ve got it… don’t let it go.” – David Rose

Is your family struggling to get along, going through a major life change, having a hard time communicating effectively, dealing with a problem you can’t seem to fix? If you answered yes, you and your loved ones might benefit from the help of a family therapist. 

Working with a family therapist at Thriveworks Counseling in Kansas City, MO is a smart choice. Our mental health professionals are dedicated to helping you tackle and move past the grievances standing between you and happier relationships. Call us or visit our online booking portal to schedule your first session. 

What Is Family Therapy All About? 

Family therapy is designed to help you tackle any friction that is going on in your family unit. Like in the questions we asked above, there are many different reasons why families choose to go to counseling. Family therapy is generally short-term, meaning that most clients will finish in as little as nine sessions. 

When first starting your treatment, your counselor will sit down and take every individual’s personal concerns and goals into consideration. By doing this, our therapists can better understand every aspect of your family and the problems you are experiencing. With the information they gather, they will create a unique treatment plan that is specific to you and your loved ones. 

The goal of family therapy is to work together to heal any mental, emotional, or psychological problems that are tearing your family apart. To accomplish this, a variety of methods and techniques may be used. Structural therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, traditional talk therapy, strategic therapy, narrative therapy, and play therapy are all examples. 

These will help you improve your communication skills, learn how to listen to one another better, improve compassion, and practice healthy problem-solving techniques. At Thriveworks in Kansas City, MO, we want to equip you with all the tools and skills you need to live in harmony. 

Is My Family the Right Fit for Therapy?

Are you and your loved ones the right fit for family therapy? This is a trick question. Here at Thriveworks, we believe that every family can benefit from counseling. Here is a list of common reasons why families seek our help at Thriveworks Counseling in Kansas City, MO: 

  • Sibling rivalry 
  • Financial strain and stress
  • Anger management 
  • Mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, and ADHD
  • Coping with an illness or disability 
  • Significant life changes such as moving or starting a new job 
  • Poor communication skills
  • Parenting concerns or disagreements
  • Divorce and separation 
  • Military family stress 
  • And more

This is just a short list of reasons why you and your family might seek the help of a therapist. If what you’re going through wasn’t listed above, don’t worry. Your counselor can help you too. Our goal is to provide you with uplifting, unconditional support during this journey.

Schedule a Family Therapy Session at Thriveworks in Kansas City, MO

Need more convincing? Here at Thriveworks in Kansas City, we offer exceptional, client-focused care. All of our team members are dedicated to providing you with the help you’ve been searching for. Getting professional help is always a smart decision. There’s no need to put your mental health and relationships on the back burner. At Thriveworks, you can experience: 

  • Online counseling options
  • Flexible 23.5-hour cancellations 
  • Evening and weekend appointments 
  • No waitlist 
  • Exclusive video content 
  • Text support via our success navigator 
  • And more! 

Accessible mental health care is crucial, especially when you’re looking for help now. When you call to schedule your appointment, you can be seen as soon as tomorrow. When you’re ready, give our office a call.

You and your loved ones deserve to thrive. Let us guide the way. 

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Thriveworks Counseling Kansas City


Shanna is a fabulous counselor. She is personable, caring, down to earth and she has a witty sense of humor. Her patience and warmth empowers her clients to reach their potential.
Thriveworks Counseling Kansas City

Awesome therapist

Shanna is a consummate professional and a great therapist. She has great insightful , empathetic, gentle, yet firm. She provides practical application, resources and tools needed to become the best version of oneself. She displays a tough love approach and understands areas to work on. She is always prepared, very detailed oriented, responsive and cares about the client journey. and patient. She seems empathetic and kind, but also clear and firm. Her sessions always end with actionable goals and she is willing to move the session toward relevant concerns if need be
Thriveworks Counseling Kansas City

Helped with Depression

Had a very sympathetic but direct counselor who was tremendous. She helped me see patterns in my own behavior that should change is response to situations that had led to my depression previously. Very compassionate and helpful.
Thriveworks Counseling Kansas City

Highly Recommend Shanna

Shanna is caring and compassionate with excellent communication skills. She is easy to talk with and values genuine rapport and an individual approach. Her years of experience with a variety of clients make her a great choice as a counselor!
Thriveworks Counseling Kansas City

Shanna at Thriveworks

I worked with Shanna as a colleague for many years. I've noted that people are drawn to her because she is so open and easy to talk to. One of her greatest motivations in life is helping others. She has the ability to lift others up with kindness and support. Shanna is very professional and insightful and I wouldn't hesitate to ask for her help.
Thriveworks Counseling Kansas City


Julia is an amazing therapist. She is professional as well as personable. Julia works hard to enure the individual needs of each client are met. I highly recommend her.
Thriveworks Counseling Kansas City


I worked with Julia for two years at a community mental health center. Julia was a great colleague and mental health provider for the clients we served! She was empathetic and compassionate. She possesses a client centered and trauma informed approach with the people she works with!
Thriveworks Counseling Kansas City


Julia and I were work colleagues. I found her to be very knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend her!
Thriveworks Counseling Kansas City

Great Care

I have known Julia for several years. She has great energy, loves her clients, and is a wonderful therapist! She has really good insights and is very helpful and understanding!
Thriveworks Counseling Kansas City

Julia Vulic’s Review

Julia is a person you feel comfortable talking to. You would be content to have her as your therapist. She is compassionate, practical, and gives real-world direction.
Thriveworks Counseling Kansas City


I worked with Julia for several years. She is one of the best therapist around. She truly cares about her clients and helping them meet their goals. I would highly recommend her!
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