Depression Counseling in Kansas City, MO

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Depression Counseling in Kansas City, MO

Sharon has a mental disorder that consumes her life. It’s depression. Getting out of bed each morning and preparing for work is difficult. Sharon acts like she’s happy around her colleagues, and this always feels exhausting. 

When she returns home at the end of the day, she heads right to her bedroom and misses dinner. Her family has noticed her low mood and weight change, but they are confused because Sharon doesn’t discuss her feelings. 

Depression can turn your favorite activities into dull, pointless ones. It can make everyday functioning challenging. At Thriveworks Counseling in Kansas City, we have a team of depression therapists who are highly trained and qualified to help people like Sharon, and you, cope with and manage these difficult depression symptoms. 

If you’re experiencing depressive thoughts, feelings, or other signs of this disorder, consider talking to a Thriveworks mental health professional right away. Our compassionate therapists have your interests at heart and are ready to help you.

What Are the Symptoms of Depression?

Loss of interest in daily life and despair often accompany depression. Symptoms can vary, but you may experience the following:

  • Feeling fatigued: do you tire quickly or feel you need several caffeinated drinks just to stay focused and alert?
  • Irritability or moodiness: are you snapping at your young son or daughter over something petty? Is your mood in the gutter most of the time?
  • Having difficulty sleeping or sleeping too often: are you off your regular sleeping routine? Are you sleeping more than eight hours a day or only managing a few, mostly restless hours of sleep?
  • Feeling hopeless: do you have the sense that nothing can go right, and there is no productive future for yourself?
  • Lack of focus: is your ability to perform tasks quickly and efficiently impaired? Do you have trouble concentrating? 
  • Feeling worthless: do you think you have nothing to offer yourself, your friends and family, your job, or the world?
  • Disinterest in previously enjoyable activities: do you have hobbies that you no longer enjoy? Do you find it challenging to commit to meeting with friends in a social setting?

These are the common signs and symptoms of depression. No two people are affected the same way. You should know that depression, even the most severe cases, is very treatable, and you can find relief. The earlier you start treatment, the more effective it is. Depression is typically treated with therapy and medication, or a combination of both. 

How Can I Cope with Depression?

Depression can often keep you in a rut, where one day is the same as the day before. But you can try out a few coping strategies to help manage your symptoms and look forward to leaving depression behind for good. 

Here are some ways you can cope with depression. Pick out one or two and see if they work for you. Even a few small steps will go a long way to getting you on the right track.

  • Connect with others: Call, write, or video chat with a family member or a friend. Talking out your feelings and concerns can be very relieving. You may also discover that someone close to you has experienced the same thoughts or feelings at one time or another in their lives. They may be able to offer you tips you haven’t heard of before. And, if nothing else, having someone who will just listen can be rewarding as well.
  • Try to relax: This may sound easier said than done, but focusing on calming and relaxing activities can help move you away from your inner critic or sad thoughts and get you back into the present moment. 
  • Take care of yourself: We often hear about self-care, but it really is beneficial to practice and make part of your daily routine. Try to ensure that you’re eating a healthy and balanced diet, exercising regularly, getting at least eight hours of quality sleep each night, and avoiding alcohol, drugs, or anything else that triggers your depression symptoms. 

Scheduling Therapy at Thriveworks Counseling in Kansas City, MO

If you are ready to start therapy to make meaningful changes in your life, Thriveworks in Kansas City, MO is prepared to help. At Thriveworks, our goal is to provide accessible mental health care to our communities. To accomplish this and more, we offer our clients benefits like same- or next-day appointments, flexible schedules, online counseling, text support via our Success Navigator, and much more. 

To get started, simply call our office. One of our scheduling specialists will help you find an appointment that best works for you. Let us help you start thriving today! 

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