Q: I’m experiencing a lot of anxiety and I want to manage it effectively. It’s weighing very heavy on me.

A: Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out! We’re so sorry to hear that you’re struggling with anxiety. While experiencing anxiety is common, we know how hard it can be to deal with it. Here are some ideas for how to manage it. 

First, identify what’s causing your anxiety, and when it’s typically happening. Are there times during the day when it’s more or less noticeable? Becoming aware of when and why it’s happening is a great first step so that you can notice when it’s happening and start using coping skills during those times. If you can avoid things that trigger your anxiety, that always helps, but if you can’t avoid triggers (for example- being stuck in traffic, or experiencing work stress), here are some coping skills: 

There are cognitive (thinking) skills for anxiety, like trying to redirect your attention elsewhere when you’re having anxiety to decrease physical symptoms you may be experiencing or finding evidence against why your anxious thoughts aren’t reality (this is called thought challenging). There are also mindfulness coping skills that can help get you out of your head if you’re worrying and place focus on calming your nervous system by focusing on centering yourself in your body (practices like meditation or yoga are mindfulness-based practices that can be extremely helpful for anxiety). 

If you’re working with a Thriveworks therapist, they can assist you in finding coping skills that feel effective and authentic to you! We hope this helps!