Therapy for Internet Addiction in West Hartford, CT—Hartford Therapy for Internet Addiction

Therapy for Internet Addiction in West Hartford, CT—Hartford Therapy for Internet Addiction

Are you obsessed with logging onto social media and looking at your friends’ latest posts? Are you guilty of binge-watching Netflix or Disney+ every night? Do you feel like your internet use is getting a little out of control? If the answer is yes, you might have internet addiction or be at risk for developing internet addiction. And it is important that you manage your time spend online, of which can be accomplished with a professional.

Thriveworks in West Hartford, CT has internet addiction therapists and psychologists on staff who are dedicated to helping people in the Hartford area with their time spend online. If you’re worried about your internet activity or believe that you spend too much time watching Netflix, playing video games online, scrolling through social media, etc., reach out to Thriveworks today. We can set you up with a therapist or psychologist as soon as tomorrow. Just call us at (860) 553-3374.

Do I Have an Internet Addiction? What Are the Symptoms?

Many of us can admit that we’ve spent one too many hours watching our favorite TV show in rapid succession or stayed up too late playing video games with our friends. Or, maybe we’ve spent a whole afternoon shopping online! Whatever it is, we’re all guilty of spending an excessive amount of time on our computers or phones. It’s normal to do this every now and then, but if you are constantly on the internet and your wellbeing is suffering as a result, there is a problem.

Internet addiction is when your internet use becomes excessive and disturbs important areas of your life. You might be suffering from internet addiction if you exhibit any combination of the following symptoms:

  • Loneliness and isolation
  • Insomnia or other sleep disturbances
  • Missing work or school
  • Neglecting time with friends and family members
  • Vision problems
  • Back or headaches

If you can check off several of these mental or physical symptoms and you know that you might spend a little too much time on the internet, you might have a problem. Fortunately, you can talk to a professional about this problem and learn to manage it. If you are in the Hartford area of Connecticut, consider working with an internet addiction therapist or psychologist at our office. We are here to help and we can work with you as soon as tomorrow.

Hartford Therapy for Internet Addiction: How Does It Work?

While it might go without saying, excessive internet use or activity can lead to many different problems, especially when it is so severe that it can be classified as an internet addiction. There are both short and long-term effects that you should be cautious of, including weight gain or loss, neglecting responsibilities, and losing friendships. If you are experiencing these side effects, getting the right treatment is critical to your mental, emotional, and physical health.

Thriveworks in West Hartford wants to help people find the addiction help they need. If you are interested in working with a therapist or counselor to improve your internet use habits, reach out to us today. We will set you up with a professional therapist who has the skills, knowledge, and experience to best help you. They will likely use techniques rooted in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and help you adapt self-corrective behaviors like cutting back on how much time you spend watching Netflix, online shopping, or online gaming.

Schedule Hartford Therapy for Internet Addiction at Thriveworks in West Hartford, CT

If you or your loved ones are concerned about your internet use or time spent online, reach out to Thriveworks in West Hartford, CT. If you are in Hartford County or the surrounding area, we can help you with excessive internet use and even internet addiction. We have therapists and psychologists who are eager to help you today.

To schedule an appointment, all you have to do is call (860) 553-3374, or you can book online here. Either way, we’re excited to hear from you and help you with your internet use. We understand that spending more and more time online is becoming more and more acceptable, but we want to help you adapt healthy habits. Reach out today to set up your first session! We have extended hours in the evenings and weekends to choose from.

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