Depression and Anxiety Therapy in Englewood, NJ

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Depression and Anxiety Therapy in Englewood, NJ

Did you know that anxiety and depression are the two most common mental illnesses in the United States? In fact, over 43 million people battle them each year. The worst part is that a lot of these people don’t get the help they need. Depression makes your life dark and dreary. Anxiety makes you feel like you’re losing your mind. Depression sucks out any of your motivation, but anxiety makes you stress and feel like you have to do that one thing. You don’t know where to turn, don’t know how to feel, and certainly don’t feel like there’s a way out. Luckily, there is.

A diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure.” – Henry Kissinger

Right now, you may be feeling like the chunk of coal waiting to turn into a diamond. And that’s okay. If you’re ready to overcome and defeat the pressures of anxiety and depression, you’re in the right place. Here at Thriveworks Counseling in Englewood, our depression and anxiety therapists are highly trained and experienced in helping people like you shift the pressure so you can become the diamond. If you are battling one or both of these mental illnesses, we understand how hard it can be. Just give us a call. We’ll help you see your way out of it.

The Unfortunate Duo: Anxiety and Depression

Yes, anxiety and depression are two separate mental illnesses. However, they do tend to stick to one another. They both have similar signs and symptoms that can often make it hard to tell the difference. When you choose to work with a Thriveworks therapist, you’ll be given an accurate diagnosis and comprehensive plan of care to conquer your difficult emotions. If you’re wondering if you may be battling one, or both, of these conditions, consider these common symptoms:

  • Anxiety: Difficulty concentrating, excessive worry, seating hands and/or feet, loss of sleep, changes in appetite, nausea, discomfort in social situations, prolonged feelings of fear, fatigue, dizziness, irritability, tension.
  • Depression: Irritability, fatigue, inability to focus, constant worry, prolonged feelings of unhappiness or sadness, loss of interest in former passions, addiction as a means of coping, rapid weight gain or loss, feelings of guilt, suicidal thoughts or actions.

You probably recognized a handful of overlapping symptoms. If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms on an ongoing basis, it may be time to reach out for the help of a therapist or counselor. Seeking help allows you to move on and live a healthier, happier life – free of excessive and out-of-control worry.

Why Am I Anxious and Depressed?

Maybe you just lost a close relative to cancer. Maybe you are overwhelmed with stress. Maybe you and your partner have been fighting for months now. Maybe your pet is sick, and you don’t know if they’ll make it.

The reasons why we develop depression and anxiety are not always clear. When you choose to work with a trusted therapist, they can help you dig deep and find the root cause of your problems. Finding that cause will allow you to acknowledge the hurt and start to cope with and move on from it.

What to Expect from Anxiety and Depression Therapy?

Admitting you need help is not always an easy decision. The fact that you’re here and looking into getting help proves just how strong you are and how much you want to start feeling better. Therapy isn’t something to be scared of. In fact, our goal is to make it as easy and painless as possible. That’s why each and every one of our clients receives a customized plan of care that is catered to their individual needs and goals. To do this, your counselor will sit down with you and assess what areas you need help with and get a better idea of your situation.

Once you’re ready to begin treatment, your therapist will use a variety of different therapeutic methods and techniques including traditional talk therapy, art therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, coping mechanisms, and management techniques. Additionally, they’ll equip you with the tools and skills you need to cope with, manage, and overcome difficult feelings and stressors.

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Nothing is more frustrating than wanting to get help and not being able to find it. We understand. That’s why we do not operate with a waitlist and can get our first-time clients into an appointment within 24 hours of their initial call. We also offer flexible scheduling options to included evening and weekend appointments. To get started, simply visit our online booking portal or give us a call. One of our scheduling specialist team members will help you get set up.

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