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Couples Counseling and Marriage Therapy in Diamond Bar, CA

Some of the reasons people seek couples counseling and marriage therapy is for help with communicating and intimate relationships. While couples counseling tends to be viewed as something for only relationships in crisis, there are many issues that cause couples to pursue it. Whether the reasons are big or small, they should be explored and worked on.

Couples counseling and marriage therapy at Thriveworks in Diamond Bar, CA has helped many couples with various issues. Qualified therapists help their clients learn new insights, cognitive and emotional skills, as well as a game plan to practice these new skills and form habits that can make a positive impact on their lives and relationships. Thriveworks’ therapists can help couples overcome trauma and guide them toward better relationships. Building a better relationship starts here.

Relationships and marriages may experience a few conflicts. In other cases, the issues may seem insurmountable. Each scenario can be explored with the help of a professional therapist who can guide couples through all types of weather in each season of their relationships. Some of the most common issues couples experience are:

To Go or Not to Go: Premarital Counseling

Even before couples are married, they face many issues. Whether they are finances and if the bank accounts will be separate or shared or the more mundane domestic questions like splitting up household chores, such as laundry, cleaning the dishes and washing the floors. The question of having children and how many should be broached, as well as what role in-laws will play in the partnership. These conversations need to be addressed and should not wait until after a walk down the aisle.

Managing Other Relationships

Couples have other relationships outside of their partnership, such as friends, extended family, children, coworkers and bosses, to name a few. These relationships can be healthy or unhealthy. Couples may need to discuss boundaries with members of the opposite sex or same sex, communication with individuals in past relationships, and together and alone time within the relationship.

Nontraditional Relationships

Nontraditional, intimate relationships, such as polyamory (being in love with more than one person at the same time), open relationships and swinging, can have problems and struggles. Some of these issues are specific to their lifestyle and identity, and others are conflicts that are common to all couples. While it may be intimidating to seek relationship therapy for fear of not being valued or understood because of the type of relationship a person is in, counselors are comfortable and have the background and understanding to work with individuals in nontraditional relationships.

Digital-Age Issues

Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, texting and sexting, technology can infiltrate and affect relationships. Communications on social media has its pros and cons, and couples often have conflicting views of who to “friend,” text and block and what to “like.” When communicating is not done face-to-face—or even on the phone—it is easy to misconstrue and misread words. The tone of voice and body language are important in understanding what is being conveyed. Partners in a relationship may experience problems with boundaries and restoring trust when social media has hurt the relationship.

Another issue many couples experience with technology and being “plugged in” around the clock is the lack of a true connection between them. Sharing a wonderful dinner the couple made together should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Then, one partner’s phone lights up and is answered almost automatically. While waiting, the other person checks their phone. Soon, the real-life connection between the partners is lost and, instead, spent on social media.

These examples are only a few of the many issues couples may experience in their marriage. Whether couples experience a few ups and downs or a seemingly unsurmountable issue, there is help. Schedule a session with Thriveworks Biamond Bar, CA to find out more about how couples counseling and marriage therapy can help your relationship get on the road to a healthier, stronger relationship.

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