Connect with a Family Therapist at Thriveworks in Concord, CA

Connect with a Family Therapist at Thriveworks in Concord, CA

Yvonne and her daughter, Ashley, have been at odds for the past several months. As Olivia’s gotten older, she’s pushed back against what she sees as her mother’s controlling behavior, while Yvonne struggles to understand why her daughter is acting so rebellious. The rest of the family seems to be sidelined as the two continue to clash. Yvonne’s husband has done his best to intervene but feels like he’s struggling to remain as an impartial mediator. 

At this point, Yvonne and her husband are considering family counseling as an option after a close friend recommended it to them. Even though they’re both apprehensive about having the whole family sit down together with a mental health professional, they know that being proactive about preserving a healthy home life is important. Plus, they’re worried about the impact that repeated conflict is having on their daughter, Ashley.

When family connections turn from a source of trust and compassion to one of anxiety and resentment, getting professional help from a family counselor at Thriveworks in Concord, CA could be helpful. Family counseling can be a great way for you and your loved ones to gain better communication skills and to learn to empathize more closely with one another. 

Do We Need Family Counseling? 

It’s normal to feel uncertain about connecting with one of our providers, but the reality is that doing so is a great way to improve the interpersonal relationships that hold you all together. And at Thriveworks in Concord, CA, we believe that any family, regardless of their situation, can benefit from talking with one of our counselors. With this in mind, there are common warning signs that indicate that a family could use the assistance of a counselor, including: 

  • Residual anger or resentment between relatives over perceived wrongs or shortcomings
  • Deaths within the family that have occurred without time to process the event 
  • One or more family members struggling with PTSD
  • Addiction to drugs or alcohol in response to stress Communication skills that aren’t fully developed, resulting in constant arguments and bickering
  • Undiagnosed behavioral issues 
  • Stress from caring for a disabled or elderly member 
  • Untreated or potentially undiagnosed mental illness or disorders that family members are suffering from, like ADHD or depression 

These are just some of the many different issues that can arise and manifest for families, so don’t feel concerned if you don’t see the situation you’re faced with listed above. That’s why talking openly with a family counselor is so important—by doing so, you’re allowing them to understand more fully your family’s dynamics and current situation. The feedback that all of you share will fuel your progress and growth during counseling sessions. 

Should Our Family Connect with a Family Counselor?

Talking with a family counselor can benefit you and your loved ones in many ways, but if you’re not fully aware of how they can help, you be resistant. That’s understandable, and it’s common for relatives to feel closed off or wary of a family counselor. They may fear the counselor will separate them from their relatives somehow, that a provider will choose a certain family member’s side, or that they’ll be chastised for their shortcomings and actions. 

The reality is that our family counseling team in Concord, CA is committed to your family’s mental health, and our sole goal and purpose during your session is to reconnect you with your loved ones. Family counseling can be a great way to: 

  • Foster compassion and encourage compromise towards one another 
  • Improve your communication skills and become a better listener  
  • Take advantage of a counselor’s presence—a neutral third party that allows for more balanced dialogue and candid discussion 
  • Create stronger boundaries of respect and encourage compromise
  • Get treatment for previously undiagnosed mental illness
  • Strengthen your relationship with your loved ones by utilizing a safe space for each of you to speak candidly about your experience

Plus you can stay connected virtually with our online family counseling options. You and your relatives can connect with your counselor and attend sessions together, regardless of where you all live. As long as everyone has reliable access to the internet and somewhere private to talk, families can access the tools and resources provided by online counseling anywhere. 

Schedule an Appointment with a Family Counselor at Thriveworks in Concord, CA 

Don’t hesitate if you’re ready to discover the benefits of counseling for you and your family. While it might seem intimidating to share details about your family and home life with one of our providers, Thriveworks is committed to quality mental health care. And we’re excited to be a part of your family’s mental health journey. 

When you contact our office in Concord, CA you’ll be assisted by our scheduling team. Our specialists are available seven days a week to help you with every step of the enrollment process— from setting up your insurance, to finding the right provider to match your needs. And when you’ve been enrolled, you’ll have instant access to great benefits, like: 

  • No waitlist 
  • 23.5hr cancellations: just let us know a day in advance if you can’t make it  
  • Email contact with your provider in-between sessions
  • Weekend and evening session availability
  • Our Q/A chat line: Ask a Thriveworks life coach all of your questions that can’t wait until the next session

Navigating the challenges of difficult family dynamics can be difficult, but with help from the family counselors at Thriveworks in Concord, CA, it’s possible to find stability again. Reach out to our office; we look forward to connecting with you with a mental health professional, one that can make a difference in you and your loved one’s lives.

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