The importance of treatment for substance use disorder and contributing adverse life events

According to a 2022 report from the National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics, nearly 10 million people over the age of 18 in the United States have substance use disorder (SUD). That’s almost 4% of the entire population. Yet, despite the prevalence of addiction, a profound stigma surrounding addiction persists,…

Can divorce cause PTSD? Therapy can help you heal from harmful symptoms like night terrors, flashbacks, and intrusive thoughts

PTSD is often painted a certain way: the result of war, car accidents, assault, and other violent events; however, deep-rooted emotional experiences can cause PTSD, too. Divorce can bring on PTSD, specifically symptoms like night terrors, flashbacks, and troubling thoughts about the divorce or marriage. These symptoms can become exacerbated…

Divorce recovery: You can heal properly by surrendering to the pain, forgiving, and focusing on self-care

Any breakup is hard, but divorce is especially difficult, as you have to say goodbye to the person you planned to spend forever with. Fortunately, you can take matters into your own hands and recover: the three keys are giving in to the pain, forgiving yourself, and practicing self-care. Additionally, it’s…

How does divorce affect children? If parents aren’t careful, their child or teen might lose their sense of safety and security

Kids and teens are more susceptible to mental health problems because their brains are still developing. It’s important that they’re shown continuous love and support as they change physically, mentally, and emotionally. When parents divorce, this balance of love and support can get thrown off and negatively impact the kids….

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