Are You Arrogant?

Do you find yourself exaggerating your self-image almost instinctively?

There are several levels of arrogance, many of them having to do with how quick we are to make ourselves look better than we actually are. One word that is often confused with arrogance is pride, which is fairly different. Pride is related to contentment with our self-image. We like who we are and where we come from if we have pride. In contrast, being arrogant comes from being dissatisfied with ourselves, which then makes us resort to embellishment to make ourselves appear superior.

Since this clearly sounds like a negative trait, most of us aim to avoid arrogance, though we rarely notice ourselves displaying it. Fortunately, there are ways for you to catch yourself in the act and prevent arrogance from hurting your relationships and preventing your happiness.

5 Signs of Arrogance

1. Dishonesty

If you are outright lying to someone about yourself, then it is safe to say that you are being arrogant. This is because you have chosen deception as a vehicle for creating an impression of yourself you feel entitled to.

2. Embarrassment

Being dishonest out of embarrassment is also a sign of arrogance. You may find yourself feeling inferior in the moment, so you lie in order to foster a fake image for yourself. This all comes back to being arrogant. You want to believe you are superior, so you have to do whatever is necessary to make that happen.

3. Attention

Is the topic of conversation always centered around you? Without realizing it, you may have orchestrated it to be this way. If you find yourself feeling agitated because you’re not the center of attention, then you are displaying signs of arrogance that are easy for others to see.

4. Friends

Take a good look at the friends you have. A sign that you are an arrogant person could be that you don’t have a lot of close, long-term friends. This is because you may be displaying arrogance that is not conducive to a strong relationship or friendship, and people will naturally drift away from you.

5. Answers

How you answer questions is a strong indicator that you are being arrogant. If you are unable to admit that you don’t know the answer to something, that means you have trouble accepting your own limitations.

We all exhibit arrogance at some point in our lives, and it’s nothing to obsess over. Still, if you believe that you have a significant problem with arrogance, consider seeking professional help on diminishing it in your life and promoting real happiness with your self-image. You can learn to be confident instead of narcissistic, and proud instead of arrogant.