Are you someone who struggles to create and be creative?

For some, creativity and artistic expression seems like something that…well other people are good at.

And yet most of us feel an urge to create and express ourselves. So why is this so difficult?

Note that creativity is not something a child struggles with. At a young age, children seem uninhibited when producing something wholly original. Nothing is distracting them.

As adults, we have a lot more getting in our way. We may constantly hold to the notion that whatever we dream up isn’t good enough to be created.

This is because we’ve observed the fantastic works of others. Why would I even bother trying to write a novel when I know I’ll never be as pervasive as Hemingway? As I paint, I’m fully aware that my art won’t be sold for millions at an auction.

Unfortunately, these distractions do much to keep us from finishing what we start, leaving us unfulfilled.

But what really makes a person creative? Is it the ability to be “better” than the person who came before you? Is it about how others perceive you?

It’s tempting to believe that the applause of others determines our creativity, but that logic doesn’t really hold up. Creativity has little to do with perfection.

What makes a person creative is their ability to communicate. This may be through a pen, paintbrush or keyboard. If you can display yourself through one of these methods of communication, you will produce something creative.

Don’t judge creativity by the reception of others. Judge creativity by how finished the work is. If it’s something you’re satisfied with because you created it, then it’s something that truly comes from you. It’s original.

Maybe you want to create something, but don’t know where to start. Here are some things you can start producing today:

A song. An invention. A painting. A book. An idea. A joke. A language. A website.

The options are truly endless.

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