How to deal with toxic friends: Tips for identifying friendship red flags and maintaining boundaries

Red flags in romantic relationships are a popular subject—but what about our friendships?  Friendship red flags are real and can be an indication that your friendship is toxic or at least needs some work.  If you spot manipulative or controlling behavior in your friendships, it’s important that you set boundaries….

Exploring the deep bonds between humans and their companion animals

The human-animal bond is so deep-rooted and self-evident that most scientists neglected to study it for decades.   We now know that the loving relationships between domesticated animals and humans are bidirectional, bestowing health benefits on both man and beast. Though only some pets are officially called emotional support animals (ESAs),…

Your “Hot Girl Summer” checklist for mental health wellbeing in a post-pandemic world

This year, “Hot Girl Summer” has a different meaning — in a post-pandemic world, it’s about self-assurance and self-compassion as we face what we’ve been through and acknowledge the mental challenges ahead. There are (at least) five mental obstacles that we have to navigate during our reemergence, one being anxiety:…

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