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While therapy focuses on the “clinical” side of an individual’s life experience, life coaching focuses on setting goals and achieving them, personally and professionally.

Our professional life coaches work with individuals for many reasons, including:

  • Setting and working toward goals
  • How to network and interact with different types of people
  • How to make a great first impression (excellent for personal and professional relationships)
  • Knowing (and increasing) your value
  • How to follow through on your intentions and promises
  • Working through adversity
  • Striking a healthy work-life balance

Introduction to Thriveworks Birmingham Life Coaching

For a moment, let’s pretend your life could be transformed in an instant. You open your eyes, and you find out that life is exactly the way you want it to be. You have the career you want. Your relationships are in order. You love where you live. Current struggles are now behind you. What is different about this imagined reality and where you are now, and how can you take steps toward achieving that reality?

The above paragraph is a technique frequently used in life coaching and counseling, called the Miracle Question. Detailed answers to these questions can help you figure out exactly what you want out of life, determine what your true values are and give you insight for how this might be achieved.

Our day-to-day lives can be filled with activities (and frustrations) that prevent us from contemplating what we really want out of life and how to work towards it. We get bogged down in our daily responsibilities and emotional roller coaster rides that it’s easy to let our goals slip, or even to forget about them entirely. Each week is about getting through the week, nothing more. We used to dream about what we wanted life to be like, but now we have no idea how to begin working toward our goals.

Establish Goals, Attain Them, and Mature into Happiness

Was it hard to come up win an answer to the Miracle Question? Many have a difficult time stepping back and seeing the “big picture” in life, and making the necessary changes that bring them closer to their goals.

Thriveworks Birmingham life coaching can help.”

Here’s a quick coaching tip: When you’re trying to reach a goal, one of the best thing you can do is first identify the obstacles that are impeding your progress. As life coaches, we can help you determine what these blocks are and help you develop a strategy for overcoming these obstacles. When you figure out what your impediments are and begin to work through them, you’ll start to understand that change is possible, and your goals are attainable. Your life will change, perhaps swiftly, and progress leads to more progress.

Life Coaching Focuses on Growth

A counselor or therapist will help people go from hurting to healing, and coaches aim to bring people from healing to thriving. Mental health professionals sometimes use numerical scales to evaluate these levels. For example, a -5 is considered incredibly unpleasant and 0 is neutral.

There are so many different elements that make up even a single day in our lives, and we have the potential to do really well or not so great in each one. Even if we cannot examine ourselves and recognize this, we can look around and see it in the people we know, or even celebrities.

In life coaching, we examine the different elements of an individual’s life and determine levels of satisfaction. In each category, ratings are given, from 1 to 10.

These categories include:

  • Home environment
  • Career
  • Money
  • Health
  • Social life and family ties
  • Romance
  • Personal growth
  • Leisure and entertainment

How would you rank your own satisfaction for each of these categories? Do you feel “stuck” in low levels of satisfaction in one category and are unsure how to improve? If you go through the above list and find yourself marking mostly low scores, do not become disheartened. Life has its ups and downs. You may feel like a 10 on one day in a particular category, only to drop down to a 1 within a single breath. A close friend or family member falls ill, you get let go from your job, a physical injury keeps you from pursuing a favorite activity — life has its own plans. Even outside of trauma, it’s not uncommon for an individual to feel like they’re not scoring a 10 in any category.

Knowing where you are right now, with complete and brutal self-honesty, is an excellent place to begin, even if you believe you’re scoring low across the board.

Renowned psychologist Erich Fromm once wrote, “Man always dies before he is fully born.” This might sound negative to some people, but in reality, the subtext is optimistic. No one ever reaches the absolute limit of his or her potential. Even when you hit a wall, there’s always something on the other side, more room to grow and higher goals to reach for — it’s more than we could ever hope to completely accomplish during a single lifespan.

So, the question is, if life and the universe we live in are infinite, why do we put such harsh, self-critical limitations on ourselves? Partner with Thriveworks Birmingham life coaching can help you bound over your self-imposed barriers.

Let’s Get To Work: Your First Life Coaching Session within 24 Hours

At Thriveworks Birmingham life coaching, our clients benefit from our strict “no waiting list” policy. We understand how difficult it is to ask for help. For some people, it’s hard to see that we need it, for others, the fact that we do can be cause for embarrassment.

Taking those challenges into consideration, we believe the decision to find help should have an immediate response, which is why most of our first-time clients meet their life coach within the same week, if not within 24 hours, of their call to us.

Our life coaches are leaders of the field — we only hire the best. Thriveworks counselors and coaches have been featured in leading and trusted news outlets such as Chicago Tribune, Prevention, Psychiatric Times, Cult of Mac, Mashable and more. Let us put our trusted expertise to work for you and your goals.

Your dreams have been neglected for too long. Stop focusing on why you can’t, and reach out to the hand that wants to show you how you can.

It would be our honor to guide you along this path of change and discovery. Contact us today!

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