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In and of itself, there’s nothing wrong with anger. It’s a normal emotion that is neither healthy nor unhealthy – it is simply an emotion. However, it can cause serious problems when it gets out of control or when you destroy relationships or otherwise affect the quality of your life as a result of anger. The good news is that anger counseling can have a serious impact.

Get an assessment of your anger

A counselor will generally start by assessing your anger levels. They’ll consider how intense your anger is, how often you get angry, and the ways you cope with that anger. After this assessment they can tell you A) if it’s something you need to work on and B) what the right path forward is.

Understand the causes of your anger

Some people feel only mild irritation while others experience intense anger, otherwise known as rage. Causes can be both external and internal and can be tied to a specific individual or event or can result from general worrying. Memories can also trigger anger.

Your anger counseling goals

When you work with a counselor they’ll listen to what your concerns are and together you can decide what your specific goals are. Often they involve recognizing what triggers your anger. When you know you’re about to get angry you use coping skills to avoid the consequences of that anger. A counselor can help clients learn how think and react in response to specific triggers.

Anger counseling can also help individuals learn how to be assertive. Too often, those who experience anger believe that their only options are to let everyone walk all over them or give in to their anger. The reality is that there is a middle ground. There are healthy ways to express yourself while still remaining calm and peaceful.

If anger is concerning you or someone you love then it’s time to reach out to Thriveworks Birmingham Counseling & Coaching in Oakland County. We can help you discover what

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I had the honor of working with Lindsey at a previous job and she is one of the sweetest individuals I have ev...Read more

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ving my working and personal relationships. She is a good listener and is able to “see” my point of view . I would highly recommend this counselor

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