Child and Adolescent Therapy Appointments in Bedford, NH

Child and Adolescent Therapy Appointments in Bedford, NH

As a parent, there’s no task as important as protecting your child. But despite our best intentions and actions, children are often subject to the same mental and emotional health concerns that many adults face. They may also have additional concerns that correspond to their level of growth and development.

Consider these scenarios:

  • Your middle school son undergoing puberty is suddenly aware of the height and weight difference between himself and his peers. Self-conscious of his smaller frame, he hides in baggy clothing, avoids physical activities, and even starts to avoid his peers.
  • Your kindergartener is having trouble learning the alphabet. When she’s unable to complete her homework, she lashes out at you and your spouse. Her temper tantrums are getting out of control.
  • Your eldest child has just gone off to college, leaving her younger brother behind. He misses his sister terribly and can’t shake the intense sadness her absence brings.

Though the severity and type of illness or challenge may vary, every mental health concern should be addressed with equal care. Our staff at Thriveworks in Bedford, NH is ready to offer support. Once you set up an appointment with our therapists, counselors, or other providers, your child will receive quality, personalized care.

Reasons To Pursue Therapy for Children and Teens

Adolescence is one of the most eventful times in our lives. Because teens and preteens are still in the process of growing mentally, physically, and emotionally, every event during these years is often met with equal parts fear and fascination.

But when the pressures of growing up are compounded by mental and emotional health issues, tackling everyday challenges can become exhausting or nearly impossible. A therapist, counselor, psychiatrist, or another mental health provider can bring clarity to your child’s situation and work with them to create coping strategies that prepare them for their present as well as their future.

Some of the challenges that our professionals commonly address in children and adolescents include:

  • Bullying
  • Body dysmorphia
  • Eating disorders
  • Anger management issues
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Substance abuse
  • Mental and physical abuse
  • Sibling bickering
  • Behavioral problems
  • Life transitions
  • College planning and career coaching issues
  • Self-harm and suicidal thoughts

If your child is dealing with a mental health issue that is interrupting the way they live their life, consider calling us at Thriveworks in Bedford, NH to begin treatment.

A Guide to Child Therapy

The reasons that children and their families pursue therapy may differ from situation to situation, but the process behind adolescent and child therapy follows a similar cadence. The first step involves an assessment. Your child’s therapist will talk to your child and get to know them personally before they unpack their specific concern or condition.

After they have assessed your child’s needs, they’ll set up and begin a treatment program. Treatment often incorporates one or more therapy techniques. Some of the most common types of therapy for children and teens include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which teaches children to reframe negative ways of thinking so that they can address problems thoughtfully.
  • Play therapy, which is a popular form of therapy for young children and incorporates play into the therapeutic practices.
  • Family therapy, which addresses concerns within the entire family unit. Because problems for one family member can impact the whole family, family therapy may be needed even if the concerns were originally about one member of the family.
  • Interpersonal therapy, which examines your child’s relationships with others and is often used to treat depression.

Depending on your child’s needs, your therapist may also suggest self-care activities such as painting, mindfulness, and physical exercise. Therapy can be especially useful for children, preteens, and teens who are experiencing emotional and behavioral problems.

Addressing problems as soon as they arise can have a positive impact on your child. Schedule an appointment with a provider at Thriveworks in Bedford, NH to begin their therapy sessions and help them improve their mental wellbeing.

Schedule a Session With a Licensed Child Therapist in Bedford, NH

Many children and adolescents face emotional and mental health challenges. If your child could use some mental health support, do not hesitate to reach out to us for help.

Our counselors, therapists, and other professionals are available online and in person. Sessions can even be scheduled on the weekend or in the evenings. You and your child can review online video content and interact with our Q&A life coaching service. You’ll also have access to a moderated message board where you can connect with other parents who may be dealing with similar issues.

Our generous cancellation policy makes rescheduling easy, and we happily accept insurance from various providers. As a new client, your child may even be able to be seen by a provider within 24 to 48 hours of reaching out.

Reach out today to set up a session with a psychologist, therapist, or another provider at Thriveworks in Bedford, NH. We’re here for you and your family.

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