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Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners are medical professionals, along with Psychiatrists, that not only help clients with mental health related issues, but also have the credentials and ability to provide medication management services. It is a very common belief that medical professionals such as psychiatric nurse practitioners or psychiatrists only help treat clients with serious mental health issues or disorders; however, these professionals are very capable of working with clients presenting more widespread issues such as depression, anxiety, or even adjustment disorders. Our Thriveworks Charlottesville Medication Management professionals work closely with you as well as hand in hand with your therapist or counselor to ensure that you get the best course of treatment and care that you need.

While Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners work in conjunction with your therapist, there are some differences in the services they provide. Cognitive behavioral interventions and talk therapy treatments alone are able to yield very positive results for a wide variety of issues; however, many mental health issues respond better to a therapy paired with a course of medication, and some simply require medication to improve. A Thriveworks Charlottesville psychiatric nurse practitioner will prescribe, monitor, and adjust medications as necessary, which can be a very helpful component to your course of therapy.

Working with a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner is more affordable than you may think!

The financial aspect of receiving treatment is an inescapable factor, but that doesn’t mean that it needs to stand in the way of you getting the help you need. At Thriveworks Charlottesville, we’ll work together with you to help you understand your out of pocket expenses, and we work hard to keep them low by accepting most major insurance plans.

We understand that making that first phone call to seek help can be an incredibly difficult obstacle to overcome. That’s why at Thriveworks Charlottesville, we make sure to answer your call and help you get connected with the counselor, therapist, or medication manager that best fits your individual needs – right away. Please don’t delay! Each day that passes is a lost opportunity to begin your path to recovery.

Call Thriveworks Charlottesville Psychiatric Services today at 434-812-4009. We’re ready to begin when you are!


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