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Childhood and adolescent years embark on a lot of change in development. These changes in development don’t just come along with growing up, but can be affected by different experiences in life. Moving to a new city and having to make new friends, watching parents get divorced and having to decide which parent to stay with, or coping with a physical ailment can all be reasons why a child might be showing signs of abnormal behavior. These events are difficult, sometimes traumatic, and can have negative effects on their development if not brought to light. Fortunately, child therapy is a great option to do so.

I continue to believe that if children are given the necessary tools to succeed, they will succeed beyond their wildest dreams! –David Vitter

The Thriveworks Washington, DC child therapists in Georgetown understand how difficult childhood and adolescence can be and are dedicated to helping these young people live better lives. If you are concerned that your child may be facing challenges that they can’t overcome on their own, consider setting them up with a child therapist who can teach them how to cope now and in the future. When you are ready, give our office a call at (202) 221-8410 to get started.

What Is Child Therapy?

Child therapy is similar to regular therapy but with a more specific focus on meeting children at their level to better understand what they are going through. Child therapists and psychologists want to help kids and teens manage mental illness, cope with stress, heal from trauma, and more. Child therapy can make a meaningful difference in the lives of little ones and young adults by helping them better understand their issues and how to manage them effectively.

There are many different methods and approaches that a child therapist may use in order to better connect with a kid. From experience and their extensive education, they have developed a skill set to help them achieve their goals. At Thriveworks Washington, DC Counseling, your child’s therapist may use some of the following methods:

  1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): CBT is a common therapy for children, especially those who suffer from mental illnesses like anxiety and depression. CBT helps them learn how to change negative patterns to create healthier thinking
  2. Family therapy: Children often thrive when the whole family unit is involved in therapy sessions. It gives them a way to express themselves to their parents while also giving parents the tools to better interact, communicate, and identify problematic behaviors.
  3. Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT): DBT therapy is similar to CBT in that specific problems are addressed; however, this method has a more specific focus on helping kids regulate their emotions.
  4. Play Therapy: Sometimes it can be hard for children to express themselves verbally or they have a hard time opening up. Utilizing play therapy gives kids the outlet they need to talk about their feelings without directly identifying that there are their

There are so many different methods that can be used to help your child thrive. Your child’s psychologist will most likely use a variety of methods to see what suits the child’s needs best. Thriveworks Washington, DC (Georgetown) has a vast array of techniques to use. Call our office if you have additional questions!

Deciding if Your Child is the Right Fit for Child Therapy

As we mentioned earlier, there are endless possibilities for why your child might need the help of a professional therapist. Deciding to get them therapy does not reflect on your parenting abilities. By seeking outside help, you are showing just how much you love and care for your kid or teenager by helping them improve their mental health! Here are some of the common reasons why families choose to get their children help from a psychologist:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Learning disabilities
  • Bullying
  • Divorce
  • Coping with physical ailments
  • Trauma
  • Grief
  • Major life changes like moving
  • Rebellious behavior
  • Lack of emotion or drive
  • Eating disorders

This is just a short list of signs that your child needs counseling. Even if you are not sure what the root cause of their emotional distress is, your child’s counselor can help identify what’s really going on. In addition, they will provide your little one with the tools they need to deal with their current emotions and issues, and how to overcome anything else that may come up in the future.

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Our counselors have a wide range of availability, including day, evening, and weekend appointment times. We understand how hard it can be to pick up your kids from school and then take them to an appointment. Luckily, we also offer online counseling options for those who have busy schedules or would benefit from speaking with a counselor from the comfort of their own home. You can easily set your child up with one of our psychologists by visiting our online booking system or by calling (202) 221-8410.

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