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Jane felt like she was way too grown-up and independent to have her mother interfere in her love life, but yet there was her mother, again and again, telling her both directly and passive-aggressively that she should break up with her boyfriend Colin. Jane’s mother said she didn’t like Colin. She said she thought Jane was too good for Colin. Whenever Jane brought Colin to a family get-together, her mother would be rude to him and then Colin would get upset. Now he didn’t want to attend Jane’s brother’s upcoming wedding because he’d be ostracized. 

When Jane tried to talk to her mother about her mistreatment of Colin, her mom would get weepy and say that she just didn’t want Jane to repeat her same mistakes. Then Jane ended up having to comfort her. They were at an impasse, and Jane’s brother was getting married in two months. What should she do?

Jane and her mother could benefit from seeing a family therapist at Thriveworks in Walnut Creek, CA. Licensed family and marriage therapists (LMFTs) at Thriveworks are skilled in a number of evidence-based, solution-focused approaches that can help resolve conflicts and enhance communication skills between family members. In just a few sessions with a professional family counselor, Jane and her mother–and maybe even Colin–can learn to manage their feelings in a productive way and move forward as a family. 

Do We Have to Be Related to See a Family Therapist at Thriveworks?

You do not have to be related by blood to see a family therapist at Thriveworks in Walnut Creek, CA. All kinds of families can benefit from these counseling services, like the following:

  • Blended families
  • Intergenerational families
  • Roommates
  • Foster families
  • Estranged families

You can also find a family therapist who has experience working with families who might have issues similar to yours, whether you’re an interracial family, an LGBTQ family, or an immigrant family. 

What Is the Role of a Counselor in Family Therapy?

A counselor can play many roles in family therapy at Thriveworks in Walnut Creek, CA. Depending on what’s needed at the time, they can act as one of the following:

  • Challenger
  • Educator
  • Diagnoser
  • Problem-solver
  • Psychotherapist
  • Mediator
  • Inspirer
  • Observer
  • Highlighter
  • Referrer (if they think someone in the family may need individual counseling)

The one thing a family therapist does not do is pick sides. Their role is to be impartial and see everyone’s perspective. Family counselors at Thriveworks are highly trained to be curious, not judgmental. That’s part of the reason why they’re so trusted and effective. 

How Does Family Counseling Work?

The process of family counseling may look something like this:

  1. You or another family member notices that your household is experiencing some disruption, upheaval, or hardship. This might come in the form of one person in the family suffering from an issue like substance abuse, depression, anxiety, or an eating disorder–but the issue is affecting everyone. Or you just got remarried and your older children are having trouble adjusting to your new spouse and their children. Families can be delicate ecosystems, and sometimes when there’s even the slightest disruption, it shows up in broader dynamics. If one individual is acting out in the family, the behavior might require a diagnosis of the whole household. 
  2. You think you can find a solution to the problem on your own. So you try a few different approaches. You hold family meetings. You try to get your son or daughter individual counseling. You attempt different coping strategies. But nothing seems to work. You might even be making the problem worse. 
  3. You call Thriveworks in Walnut Creek, CA and make an appointment with a family counselor. You decide to make the appointment online so it’s easier to get everyone in the same place at once.
  4. The licensed family therapist asks meaningful, insightful questions that seek to bring to light any underlying dynamics in the family. 
  5. You find yourselves opening up and seeing your issues more clearly.
  6. The counselor helps you come up with evidence-based solutions and strategies to help address your issues. They might even give you homework assignments!
  7. You do the recommended work, resolve the issue, and walk away with the psychological resources to manage future conflicts in your family. 

Get Your Family the Help It Deserves with a Thriveworks Family Therapist in Walnut Creek, CA

Your family does not have to struggle alone with domestic issues and conflicts. An expert, experienced, highly qualified family therapist at Thriveworks in Walnut Creek, CA can be the impartial support that you and your family members need to overcome obstacles and enhance your family bonds. 

Call the Thriveworks office today to make your first appointment. You can often meet with a therapist within 24-48 hours, and one of our great benefits is unfettered email and phone access to your counselor between sessions. We can’t wait to help your family. Book your appointment now.

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