Online Counseling in Towson, MD—Work with a Counselor, Therapist, or Coach Online

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Online Counseling in Towson, MD—Work with a Counselor, Therapist, or Coach Online

Some days are harder than others and you can feel stretched so thin that you don’t know how you could possibly take on anything else. While you want to get the help you need, you just don’t feel like it’s possible. If only there was an option to get high-quality counseling from your home, office, or even care. Guess what? You can.

Thriveworks Towson Counseling offers online counseling which allows you to work with your therapist without even having to leave your home. You can make the same meaningful progress with a skilled, experienced mental health professional over the phone or video chat.

Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths. –Etty Hillesum

If you have been searching for mental health services in Towson, consider working with an online counselor at Thriveworks Towson, MD. Many of our clients feel that online therapy sessions are the way to go because of its many different benefits. Whether you are battling a mental illness, need some help coping with stress, or just need some help working through the everyday challenges of life, our therapists can help. Reach out today to start your journey to a better way of living.

Why You Should Choose Online Counseling

Like we briefly mentioned before, we understand that life can be hectic and full of ups and downs. However, that doesn’t mean that your mental health should be put on hold because of this. Whether you have a crazy busy schedule or just have a hard time getting out of the house some days, online counseling can be a great asset. Our counselors, psychologists, therapists, and coaches have the training, education, and experience in a multitude of fields and can help you with the challenge you are facing. Here are just a few of the different services we offer our clients through teletherapy:

Child Therapy, Couples Counseling, Marriage Therapy, Anxiety Therapy, Depression Therapy, Stress Management, Life Coaching, Anger Management, Addiction and/or Substance Abuse Counseling, Grief Counseling, Trauma and PTSD Counseling, Family Therapy, Career Counseling  

In addition to being able to help our clients work through a myriad of challenges that life brings, online therapy has several other benefits. Not only can you choose between telephone counseling or video chat counseling, but you can also experience:

  • Added comfort: Aside from being able to speak with your counselor from the comfort of your own home, many of our clients find that speaking with a therapist virtually allows them to open up in new ways. The added pressure of being in-person is eliminated.
  • Greater convenience: Wish you could talk to your therapist in the car on the way home from work? No problem. Going on vacation to see your family but don’t want to miss your session? You don’t have to! Want to talk to your therapist on the weekend when you don’t have work? You’ve got it. Thriveworks Towson’s online counseling allows you to speak with your provider from wherever, and almost whenever you need.
  • Reliability: You won’t have to worry about poor weather, bad traffic, or feeling sick when you choose online counseling. Outside, uncontrollable factors don’t affect your appointment! However, if you do need to reschedule, we have great options for that as well.

If these benefits entice you and you want to experience them for yourself, just reach out to our office. We’re here and ready to help.

How Does Online Counseling Work?

There isn’t a huge difference between online counseling and in-person counseling in terms of quality of care and progress to be made. The main, and maybe only difference between the two options is online counseling is, well, online. When you start your sessions with your therapist, they will perform an assessment to gauge what your needs, concerns, and goals are. With the information they gather, they will create a customized plan of action tailored to your specifics. They will also use a variety of different methods, techniques, and tools to help you make progress and manage your symptoms.

You’ll be able to choose between telephone counseling and video chat counseling. If you aren’t sure of which option to choose, we recommend trying out both options to see what fits your needs best. Regardless, know that you are in the hands of a caring, dedicated, and highly-skilled mental health professional who is ready to put your needs first.

Start a Relationship with an Online Counselor at Thriveworks Towson, MD  

If you are facing a challenge or obstacle in your life that is holding you back from living the life you not only want, but deserve, consider working with one of our counselors at Thriveworks Towson, MD. We are here and ready to help you create a happier, more successful life.

To schedule your first online counseling session, give us a call and one of our scheduling specialists will help you find a time that best fits your schedule. We also do not operate with a waitlist, so you won’t have to worry about waiting day, even weeks, to speak with your psychologist. In fact, we can often get our first-time clients into their first session within 24 hours of their initial call.

Let us walk with you on this journey to bettering your mental health. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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