Couples Therapists and Marriage Counselors in Taylorsville, UT

Couples Therapists and Marriage Counselors in Taylorsville, UT

Romantic relationships are some of the most important connections we have in life. For many of us, they provide us with companionship, security, personal growth, and satisfaction. That’s not to say that there aren’t rough patches, but when we have another person to rely on and get through tough ties with, things are a lot easier. 

It’s true; every relationship will have good times and bad—this is unavoidable. But when disagreements constantly turn to arguments, and conflict becomes a bitter battleground, then it can be difficult to advance together as a couple. It’s also hard to view our relationships in an objective light when we care so much about the other person. After all, there’s a lot to lose if things can’t be resolved.

So if your relationship has been going through some challenges, then perhaps you’ve considered whether the expertise of a marriage counselor or couples therapist might help. Perhaps you’re still uncertain about it all, and that’s okay, too. The mental health professionals at Thriveworks in Taylorsville, UT aren’t here to tell you what to do; but if you and your loved one are interested, they can partner with you to start moving your relationship onto solid ground.  

Can a Couples Therapist Help Us? 

While those who aren’t familiar with couples therapy, or therapy in general, might be wary of seeking assistance, the reality is that relationship counseling is beneficial for any couple at any stage of their relationship. Relationship therapy doesn’t involve your provider choosing sides or judging either of you for your difficulties as a couple. Instead, couples therapists help you to: 

  • Establish healthy boundaries 
  • Help both partners manage anger or anxiety 
  • Rebuild trust after infidelity or dishonesty 
  • Rekindle sexual intimacy together 
  • Highlight the importance and need for compromise

If any of these points are subjects that you both would like to improve on, then the therapists at our Taylorsville office can help. Couples therapy and marriage counseling is an effective way to reignite a faltering relationship, and we help you do so by establishing a connection based on trust and professionalism. 

But if you’re not sure whether or not you both need to see a therapist together, then it might be hard to distinguish whether or not therapy sessions will help you. While every relationship has unique dynamics, strengths, and weaknesses, some warning signs of a relationship that might be in need of professional assistance includes: 

  • Lying and other forms of emotional manipulation
  • Arguments that last for hours or days 
  • Cheating 
  • Avoiding physical touch or sex 
  • Passive-aggressive or abusive behavior 
  • Inability to respect each other’s boundaries

If you and your partner are experiencing any of the above issues, our providers will provide you with the support you need, and the tools you’ve been lacking, to start healing yourselves and one another, too. Even though a unanimous agreement on counseling is often most productive for the therapy process, rest assured that connecting with a licensed therapist at Thriveworks will be safe, secure, and private. We follow the strictest guidelines from the APA and HIPAA, too—your privacy and confidentiality are our top priorities. 

See a Couples Therapist or Marriage Counselor at Thriveworks in Taylorsville, UT

Deciding to seek mental health services is an independent choice between you and your partner—it may take some time and consideration. But when you do decide to put your trust in one of our relationship therapists to help you both grow, you’ll be getting access to some exclusive enrollment benefits that few providers can match: 

  • 23.5-hour cancellations: If something comes up or you aren’t feeling well, rest assured that you won’t be charged for missing your session, as long as you give us a 23.5-hour notice. 
  • Life coach q/a chat line: For those questions that can’t wait until your next session.
  • Scheduling assistance 7 days a week: Our scheduling specialists are available every day of the week, helping you find the right counselor to fit your needs and the schedule that fits both of your lives. 
  • Online Therapy: With online therapy, moving your relationship forward doesn’t need to be held up by your busy schedule or time spent apart for work or travel. As long as you can talk privately, and get access to the internet, you and your partner can still attend sessions together. 

If your relationship is struggling, and boundaries of respect have been crossed, then it might be a proactive idea to reach out to our team in Taylorsville. No matter how long you’ve been together, or what your goals are for the future, there’s a relationship therapist at Thriveworks that can help. The story you’ve written together so far isn’t over—we’d like to help you turn the page to start the next chapter of your life.

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