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When you think about therapy, what words come to mind? Maybe “fearful” and “anxious” come to mind. Or, maybe words like “valuable” and “powerful” come to mind. Either way, we recommend giving online therapy a try.

Online therapy is a mental health service that helps to mitigate the fear and anxiety that many people feel when considering talking to a counselor. Additionally, it maintains the value and the power that people find in counseling. Online therapy enables more people to obtain mental health services and to make meaningful progress with a mental health professional.

We can all find value in working with a counselor, life coach, psychologist, or psychiatrist. But many of us are hesitant to reach out and schedule that first appointment. Online counseling makes this decision and easier one to make.

If there is something that’s preventing you from talking to a counselor, consider online therapy. Online therapy is the solution to many problems that people encounter when pursuing mental health services. This option offers greater comfort, flexibility, convenience, and additional benefits. Thriveworks Counseling in St. Louis, MO would be happy to connect you with a licensed counselor or licensed therapist who can help you virtually.

Is Online Therapy Effective?

Online therapy is an effective option, indeed. As we’ve highlighted, this is a convenient and comfortable approach to working with a counselor. You can expect to complete meaningful work with a mental health professional in the virtual environment of your choosing.

There are thousands of different mental health problems that you or I may encounter in any given day. These can vary in severity, but the truth is that any and all mental health problems need to be addressed. If they are not addressed, they only worsen.

Here are a few examples of common mental health problems, which the online therapists at Thriveworks can help you work through:

  • Mental illness like depression and anxiety
  • Other mental disorders like anorexia and bipolar disorder
  • Relationship issues like lack of intimacy and poor communication
  • Anger and other difficult emotions
  • Traumatic experiences and their impact
  • Stress, professionally or personally

Do you have personal experience with any of the above mental health problems? Are you doing your best to work through any of these issues currently? If so, consider calling Thriveworks in St. Louis, MO. We can connect you with a licensed therapist who will offer personalized help. 

We can conduct different types of therapy online, including couples therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), stress counseling, depression therapy, grief counseling, and many others. 

How Does Online Counseling Work

Online counseling at Thriveworks is conducted over the phone or video. Our clients are able to pick the method that they prefer. Some people have a strong preference for one or the other, while other people try both options to see which they like best!

Telephone counseling sessions are perhaps the easiest, most flexible option for working with a counselor. You’ll simply answer your counselor’s call at the time of your scheduled appointment. Some prefer telephone counseling to video counseling because it offers greater anonymity and privacy

Video counseling sessions, on the other hand, offer a face-to-face feel that you get in in-person therapy. Many people see this as a perk and choose to meet their counselor over video because of it. In video counseling, you’ll click on a secure video link to enter a private video conference with your provider at the time of your session. 

Telephone and video counseling are both great options. We want you to choose whichever option you think is better suited for you and your lifestyle.

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Online therapy enables more and more people to receive the mental health help that they have been longing for. It empowers them to feel comfortable and confident throughout their mental health journey.

If you would like to see what online counseling can do for you, consider reaching out to Thriveworks in St. Louis, MO. Our scheduling team is available to help you schedule your first appointment 7 days a week. We will connect you with the online provider who can best help you, based on your needs and their skills.

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