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45,192 people sought relationship counseling help in Georgia in the last year

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Starting Relationship counseling

What is Relationship counseling?

Relationship counseling, also known as Couples therapy and marriage counseling, helps couples work through their specific relationship issues. It is led by licensed professionals — often licensed marriage and family therapists (LMFTs) — who are experts in their field and best-equipped to help couples. Some examples of common focuses within relationship counseling include:

  • Jealousy
  • Trust issues
  • Infidelity
  • Opposing values
  • Different visions for the future
  • Disagreements in parenting
  • Lack of trust
  • Financial distress
  • Sex issues

How does Relationship counseling work?

Relationship counseling works by helping couples identify and better navigate their unique challenges. Following an initial assessment of the couple in terms of strengths and needs, the therapist would then discuss their therapeutic goals and any possible approaches or ways of working together as therapist and couple.
Couples attend sessions together, whether they meet in person or by video. In addition to regular couples therapy sessions, each partner may also be asked to attend a few individual sessions to supplement their progress. This will allow their counselor to get to know each individual better, assess each of their personal needs, and develop the very best treatment plan moving forward.

Is Relationship counseling conducted in person or online?

Thriveworks relationship counseling in Savannah is conducted both in person and virtually via online counseling. We encourage you to choose the option that works best for you and your partner.

How long does Relationship counseling last?

On average, couples attend relationship counseling for 12 weeks. However, relationship counseling may last longer or shorter, dependent on the couples' needs, the challenges they'd like to work through, and the pace of their progress.

Need more help deciding?

Relationships bond us to the world; it gives life that extra meaning and makes the day a little brighter. Whether those relationships are with family, a spouse, or a significant other, they are important. It is a collision of two or more different lives, and that can be beautiful.

It also makes it susceptible to harm and damage. Relationships can become dark and sour for the same reason they can be full of love and health: two or more humans are interacting with each other. Problems in a relationship are nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, it could be a good thing, it means your relationships are evolving with the members in it. You are not a stagnant being and neither should your relationships.

So, what happens when your relationship takes a turn down a rocky road? Do you just have to grit your teeth and bear it? Not at all! Thriveworks Savannah is here to walk with all members of a relationship and grow together to a healthy, happy state.

What Is Relationship Counseling?

Thriveworks Savannah sees all forms of relationships, but the two most common are Family Counseling and Couples/Marriage Counseling.

It’s said that you are the culmination of the five people closest to you, and that might be why we see these two forms of relationships most often. You spend a lot of time with these people! You deserve to have the healthiest relationships you can with them, so your time can be the most fruitful and enjoyable.

All relationships have trouble, it’s part of being alive and interacting with people! So how do you know when enough is enough and to seek out professional help? It’s a hard question to consider, and Thriveworks Savannah thanks you for having the courage to do so!

There’s never a reason that is too big or too small for a Thriveworks Savannah counselor. We are here for you and your loved ones no matter what the situation. If it’s out of our area of expertise, we will help you find the next steps.

If you are still on the edge about coming to Relationship Counseling, look for these symptoms in your relationship.

Family Counseling:

  • The loss of a loved one
  • A career loss or shift
  • Divorce
  • Diagnosis of a chronic illness
  • Empty nest
  • Welcoming a new member
  • Substance abuse
  • Academic problems
  • Financial strain
  • Mental health disorder
  • Overworked members

The goal of Family Counseling is to strengthen all units of the family so you can work better together. Sometimes, this means addressing one specific problem. Sometimes, it could mean just a general talk therapy about a myriad of issues, or a general feeling of discontentment.

Couples/Marriage Counseling:

  • Recovering from cheating
  • Managing busy schedules
  • Improving on communication skills
  • Learning how to live together
  • Adjusting to life changes and stress together
  • Feelings of jealously or underappreciation
  • Unmet needs for affection
  • Differing expectations for the relationship

Sometimes people come to Couples Counseling because they’ve lost the spark they once had. Other times they come to Thriveworks Savannah fighting to save a dying relationship. Or maybe they are just preparing for future concerns. It is never too late or too early to come to counseling. We can meet with you individually first or jump right into a joint session.

What Does Relationship Counseling Look Like?

The one common factor in Relationship Counseling will be how it is uniquely structured to fit you, your relationship, and your situation. There is no cut and paste way to address concerns in relationships, so each session will be different! Thriveworks Savannah Relationship Counseling will always keep the focus on you. We are a nonjudgmental space where we can practice tools that will strengthen you individually and the relationship. We can also work through fears, doubts, and concerns.

Relationship Counseling will also look differently depending on the relationship.

1. Family Counseling

Family counseling will be all about strengthening the group as a whole, by addressing individual concerns and problems and how they all interact with each other. It can feel messy and impossible to sort out, but with a little professional guidance, your family can be healthy and happy again.

Some specifics we can look at include:

  • Strengthen communication
  • Work through individual concerns (e.g. mental illness, personal stress, fears, etc.)
  • Identify roles
  • Build on strengths
  • Learn to handle conflict in a healthy manner

Thriveworks Savannah understands that no family chooses conflict. You are not a “bad” family for going to Family Counseling! You are just willing to fight for each other in a way that is admirable.

2. Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling is even more diverse than family counseling because of all the different stages you could be at. Married? Thinking of it? New relationship or years’ worth of history? Thriveworks Savannah can help you work through the issues that come with all of that.

We will first work on healing any aspects of the relationship or individual that may have gotten caught in the crossfire. Whether this is self-esteem, communication habits, or routine, we have the tools and space to rebuild them even stronger than they were before.

There is always hope for your relationship. You don’t have to go through this alone. Thriveworks Savannah is excited to meet you and your loved ones and begin building a healthy, fulfilling relationship.

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Thriveworks helped me realize that I do believe people can change. I’m not the person I was three months ago, broken and fearful. I’m healthy and happy and for the first time being kind to myself. Thank you for giving me my life back.
Read more Thriveworks helped me realize that I do believe people can change. I’m not the person I was three months ago, broken and fearful. I’m healthy and happy and for the first time being kind to myself. Thank you for giving me my life back.
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