Find Couples and Marriage Counseling in Sandy, UT Today

Find Couples and Marriage Counseling in Sandy, UT Today

Couples can face unique challenges at every stage of their relationship, just like the normal ups and downs of life. Perhaps your relationship is suffering due to major life events or a recent illness. Maybe financial troubles and work responsibilities are getting in the way of the intimacy you once had with your romantic partner. You may not even know what the issue is but you just know that you need help.

Whatever your situation, Thriveworks in Sandy, UT may be a great place to start. We offer couples and marriage therapy to uncover underlying issues and find solutions that can help you bridge your differences.

Sometimes people feel there is a stigma against asking for help. However, we believe there is no shame in wanting to address your challenges and get the spark back that you once had. If you want to open lines of communication and learn skills to improve your relationship, our licensed couples therapists can help.

Common Reasons to Seek Out Relationship Counseling

Couples seek marriage counseling for a number of different reasons. Life changes that affect one partner may have an impact on the entire relationship. A job opportunity in a new city, disputes over child rearing techniques, and many other daily decisions can put strain on a marriage. Even changes or opportunities that seem positive on the surface can create unforeseen problems.

Our relationship counseling services in Sandy, UT cover a wide range of concerns. Some want to prevent problems before they begin, while others are hoping to overcome existing hurdles. In either case, know that help is available and that you can rely on our experienced counseling professionals.

Some of the most common reasons partners seek the input of a couples therapist include:

  • A breach of trust
  • A loss of intimacy or sex life
  • The death of a loved one
  • Differing family values
  • Family planning disagreements
  • Financial troubles
  • Mental health issues
  • Substance abuse

These issues may be glaringly obvious or could be hidden under passive aggressive comments and behavior. Unfortunately, that underlying anger, bitterness, and resentment can quickly unravel a relationship. Consulting with a mental health professional can help you identify the real issues and work toward an amicable resolution.

The Benefits of Couples Counseling

Perhaps you’re considering couples therapy but are unsure if you want to seek help.

Pride and denial are two of the most common reasons that prevent couples from getting the help they need. The only problems that have no chance of being solved are those that are left unspoken. Every couple faces periods of turmoil, and therapy is an opportunity to clear the air and find solutions that really work.

One reason couples counseling is so helpful is that the objective, neutral environment offers a refreshing third-party perspective. It’s an opportunity for two people to express dissatisfaction and find solutions that really work under the guidance of a trained professional. In that way, therapy can be relieving in that it offers a safe space for emotionally charged discussions.

Discussing relationship issues with a therapist can also minimize the risk of poor communication and emotional blowups. A neutral environment can help salvage even the most broken relationships. You and your partner can work together to overcome betrayal, disappointment, and even a sense of hopelessness.

You are not alone on this healing journey. Marriage and family therapy at Thriveworks is here to help. You can learn to forgive, improve communication, resolve conflict, and enjoy a loving relationship.

Couples Therapy Sessions at Thriveworks in Sandy, UT

Are you ready to improve your relationship? Do you crave the way your relationship used to be, but don’t know how to proceed? Consider working with a marriage and family therapist at Thriveworks in Sandy, UT. We accept most major insurance plans and new clients can expect to schedule an appointment in as little as 24 hours.

We offer online counseling sessions for couples who prefer video or phone conversations to in-person appointments. Our couples therapists also offer evening and weekend sessions for those with tight schedules during the week.

Thriveworks offers a number of enrollment benefits, including:

  • A mobile app to supplement couples counseling sessions
  • Moderated community discussions that address common issues
  • On-the-go advice from your therapist via email or phone in between sessions
  • Free access to our popular eBook on battling depression
  • Text support for billing and scheduling questions

At Thriveworks in Sandy, UT our couples counselors want to see your relationship thrive. Schedule an appointment today and see what Thriveworks therapy can do for you.

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