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Some people feel shy about addressing their depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. Perhaps you think you should be able to “snap out of it” or shrug these problems off by yourself. Or maybe you’re embarrassed by what friends might think or how family might react.

The truth is, most people suffer from mental health issues at some point in their life. There is no shame in seeking out help to improve your well-being. In fact, it’s one of the kindest and bravest things you can do for yourself and those around you.

Many people suffer from emotional disorders and mental illnesses but don’t know how to get the help they need. The answer, in many cases, is psychiatric counseling. Psychiatrists evaluate their clients’ mental health to provide a diagnosis and treatment plan. Sometimes that includes talk therapy, other times they prescribe medications, and in some cases the treatment program calls for both.

Regardless of your situation, you can rest assured that our psychiatrists at Thriveworks in Katy, TX can help you find a treatment plan that works for you.

Would a Psychiatrist Be Able to Help Me?

Psychiatrists are highly educated and trained medical doctors who specialize in treating mental health problems. They earn their degree in medical school, and receive years of specialized training in the field of psychiatry before becoming a licensed psychiatrist.

Some people require psychiatric help due to serious symptoms like panic attacks and suicidal thoughts. But you don’t need to have severe symptoms to seek treatment for your mental health. There are many psychological and social components to any mental health concern, and they can look very different for different people. Some people may even suffer from low-grade anxiety or depression for years before they realize they could use some professional support.

The most common reasons people reach out for psychiatric help include the following:

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Mood disorders (bipolar disorder, e.g.)
  • Addictions and substance abuse
  • Depression
  • Eating disorders (bulimia and anorexia, e.g.)
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Difficulty adjusting to life changes
  • Thinking suicidal thoughts
  • Thinking about hurting other people
  • Intentionally harming yourself
  • Sleeping problems (insomnia, e.g.)
  • Delusions or hallucinations
  • Memory problems
  • Emotional outbursts
  • Hyperactivity


You might feel unsure about taking the first step if you have never spoken with a psychiatrist or received counseling before. Everyone needs to begin somewhere and at Thriveworks, you can schedule a virtual appointment and start your counseling sessions in the comfort of your home. At our office in Katy, TX, clients enjoy the convenience of tele-psychiatry appointments online either by phone call or video chat.

Thriveworks is designed for modern-day counseling that helps clients live their life to the fullest while addressing their mental health concerns.

Schedule a Psychiatry Appointment at Thriveworks in Katy, TX

If you think you would benefit from psychiatric treatment, consider making an appointment with us in Katy, TX. We know your health is important, which is why new clients can book an appointment in as little as 24 hours. Busy schedules won’t get in the way either thanks to our accommodations for weekend and evening sessions and our flexible 23.5-hour cancellation policy.

Thriveworks accepts most major insurance plans and boasts telemedicine appointment options so you can feel confident and completely comfortable with your therapy process.

Thriveworks clients find the support they need both in and out of their psychiatry appointments thanks to a robust list of enrollment benefits, including:

  • Exclusive video content from top leaders in the industry
  • Offices open early and late to accommodate busy schedules
  • Next day and same-day appointments that start on time
  • Email and phone access to your provider between sessions
  • Ask-a-coach Q&A, “Dear Abby” style
  • Text support for billing and appointment scheduling queries
  • A free copy of our eBook, “Leaving Depression Behind”
  • Community discussions moderated by a professional counselor
  • Access to our popular Therapy Buddy app

If you’ve been thinking about getting help, consider working with a Thriveworks psychiatrist in Katy, TX. Our psychiatrists are happy to help put you on a track of healing and get some clarity into the issues that are impacting your life. Schedule a psychiatry appointment with Thriveworks today.

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