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Relationships are hard. It’s difficult to argue this statement, as every single relationship experiences challenges. Consider the following scenarios:

  • Sabrina and John don’t see eye to eye on who should win the election. Usually, their differences in opinion aren’t a big deal, but when it comes to politics, neither of them can bite their tongue and their fights keep escalating. 
  • Allison and Lauren aren’t sure where their relationship is headed. They wanted it to be a casual fling, but neither of them can deny the strong feelings that have developed. They both have commitment issues and feel uncertain about their future.
  • Sam and Jacob are undeniably in love. They want to be together forever. But because Jacob isn’t Catholic, Sam’s parents don’t approve of their relationship. If Jacob asked Sam’s dad for his blessing, he would turn Jacob down in a heartbeat. Sam’s family is so important to her—but so is Jacob.

The above scenarios certainly pose some serious challenges to these relationships. And there’s no telling how they might turn out. However, if these individuals sought help from a professional relationship counselor, they’d be able to ensure that they received the proper assistance and support.

Couples therapy and marriage counseling help couples work through their relationship challenges. These mental health services are led by professional counselors who have expertise and experience working with couples.

If you and your partner are struggling to see eye to eye, you’re suffering from commitment issues, your parents don’t approve of your relationship, or you’re struggling with another problem, consider calling Thriveworks Counseling in Katy, TX. We have relationship counselors who can help now. 

Relationship Problems Are Normal—Here Are the Most Common

As we said before, it’s completely normal to have relationship problems. In fact, it would be abnormal if you didn’t have problems in your relationship. Now, each couple has their own unique challenges, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some common relationship issues that get distributed often. For example:

  • Differences in opinion
  • Commitment issues
  • Judgment from family members
  • Financial strain
  • Jealousy and trust issues
  • Disagreements in parenting
  • Poor communication
  • Mental illness or addiction

Are any of the above present in your relationship? Have you experienced any of these relationship issues in the past? If so, you’ve probably felt the strain of the above. If these aren’t handled properly, they can take a serious toll on your relationship. 

The good news, of course, is that there are relationship counselors who are professionally trained to help people through these very problems. The marriage counselors and couples therapists at Thriveworks recognize that every individual and couple is different, which means each couple needs personalized treatment. When you come to your first session, they’ll start working to get to know you and your partner separately and as a pair.

Does My Relationship Need Counseling?

We truly believe that every individual can benefit from counseling. And, if your relationship is suffering as a result of any given cause, it can benefit from professional counseling. In addition, couples therapy and marriage counseling can help to solidify a couple’s bond and strengthen their relationship. In other words, even if there aren’t severe problems present, your relationship can likely benefit from an expert’s perspective and insight.

The couples therapists and marriage counselors have helped couples of all varieties. We can assist those who have been together for merely a few months and those who said “I do,” 20+ years ago. Because we never stop experiencing relationship problems. However, we do learn how to better address and prepare for them with the help of a professional. 

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