Get Relief with Anxiety Therapy at Thriveworks in Pasadena, TX

Get Relief with Anxiety Therapy at Thriveworks in Pasadena, TX

Shawn takes his time to mentally prepare when he goes out with his friends. Before every bar they stop at, before each dinner party, he takes a breath, and hopes that all hell doesn’t break loose. He’s never been sure exactly why he feels the rush of his social anxiety when he’s in public, but it’s been a problem for as long as he can remember. At this point in Shawn’s life, he feels like he needs to make a change, or else his social anxiety will be a problem that affects him for the rest of his life. 

That’s why Shawn wants to open up to a mental health professional about what he’s experiencing. He hopes that by being candid with them, they’ll be able to help him formulate coping methods to help him manage his anxiety. Shawn knows that he has nothing to worry about by talking with a mental health professional—it’s their job to listen. 

Like Shawn, you may also be experiencing persistent anxiety that has separated you from the people and things that you enjoy. Call Thriveworks in Pasadena, TX to get assistance from our industry-leading mental health professionals. By talking with an expert at our office in Pasadena, TX you can start your anxiety treatment and find the road to better mental health. 

Do I Have Anxiety? Are There Different Types of Anxiety? 

Anxiety has unique triggers for each of us, so symptoms can vary from person to person. However, there are common signs that might indicate that you are depressed, such as: 

  • Racing thoughts, inability to concentrate
  • Difficulty sleeping 
  • Digestive problems
  • Memory issues
  • Short temper
  • Decreased performance at work

“Anxiety” as we commonly think of it, actually refers to a closely-related group of mental health conditions known as anxiety disorders. There are multiple types of anxiety disorders, but some of the forms that our providers can assist with include: 

  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)
  • Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD)
  • Panic Disorder
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) 

If you’re diagnosed with a form of anxiety from a provider at Thriveworks, you’ll receive personalized treatment. Your provider can help you focus on addressing the situations, memories, or thoughts that are triggering your anxiety. With the support of a mental health professional, anxiety can also be better understood, as your therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist shares their knowledge. 

How Can a Mental Health Professional Treat My Anxiety?

Your treatment will depend on the type of anxiety you’re diagnosed with, as well as the severity of your anxiety diagnosis. At Thriveworks in Pasadena, TX we offer several different types of mental health professionals to choose from. For those with mild or more manageable anxiety disorders, our psychologists and therapists are a great option. Psychologists and therapists can assist those suffering from anxiety by: 

  • Using talk therapy or behavioral therapy to promote your self-awareness 
  • Educating you about anxiety 
  • Helping you to identify what triggers your anxiety 
  • Helping family members or partners in the client’s life understand anxiety through additional relationship therapy or family counseling 
  • Work with clients to help them develop coping mechanisms to use in the situations that matter most 

But for those with a more persistent or severe case of anxiety, talking with someone from our team of psychiatrists could be more effective. Psychiatrists are unique in that they’re both licensed medical doctors and therapists. Psychiatrists can help to treat anxiety by: 

  • Prescribing helpful medication that assists clients in managing the disruptive, damaging symptoms of anxiety 
  • Using a combination of prescription medications and therapy sessions to treat clients, as needed 

As a potentially serious mental health condition, it’s essential to address the effects of anxiety through mental health services. Undiagnosed anxiety may worsen without proper professional attention, so don’t delay talking to a provider if you feel like it could be beneficial. 

Schedule Anxiety Therapy at Thriveworks in Pasadena, TX

We’ve made the process of finding the perfect mental health professional easy—because dealing with anxiety is hard enough already. Call our office in Pasadena, TX to have our scheduling specialists assist you with each step in the enrollment process. With their help, you can easily find the mental health professional that fits your needs, or even set up your insurance to cover any costs. 

And when you decide to enroll in our mental health services, you’ll get access to exclusive benefits like: 

  • Email communication with your provider between appointments
  • Same and next-day appointments
  • The ability to cancel up until 23.5 hours before your scheduled appointment
  • Weekend and evening openings 
  • Our life coach Q/A chat, for those questions that can’t wait until your next session
  • Our Therapy Buddy app, designed to measure your personal progress as you advance through your treatment program 

Perhaps you’ve been doing your best to live with your anxiety for quite some time, and are needing to find relief. You can reach out to us—Thriveworks offers personalized care from mental health professionals who know, listen, and can address your needs. When you make the decision to seek professional assistance with your anxiety, call our office in Pasadena, TX.

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