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Ryan and his partner Gabi have been having relationship difficulties for the past several weeks. Despite their attempts to fix their problems, it doesn’t seem like there’s anything they can do to talk without getting angry with one another. At this point, both Ryan and Gabi are worried that they may be calling it quits after several happy years together. It’s a sad realization, but nothing’s set in stone yet. 

That’s why Gabi is hoping that the two of them can talk to a couples therapist about the problems that they’re experiencing. She hopes that by having a professional guide them through conflict resolution strategies and communication methods, they will have a better chance to repair the damage that their negative dynamics have caused. 

Like Gabi and Ryan, you may also be looking to find healing and new growth for your romantic relationship through couples therapy or marriage counseling. And at Thriveworks in Pasadena, TX, our marriage counselors and couples therapists are here to help you both find common ground and healing. Contact our office to get started today.

Do We Need to See a Couples Therapist or Marriage Counselor? 

The decision to seek counseling or therapy services is an independent choice that needs to be made between both partners. But when you do decide to team up with a mental health professional, it can alleviate the burden that both of you are sharing, and open you up to a professional’s perspective on your shared issues. Some common indications that you’re experiencing unhealthy relationship dynamics include: 

  • Lying and other forms of emotional manipulation
  • Avoiding physical touch or sex 
  •  Passive-aggressive or abusive behavior 
  • Inability to respect each other’s boundaries
  • Cheating 
  • Arguments that last for hours or days 

Keep in mind that your relationship is unique—you may have a different, but still equally detrimental situation occurring. Don’t feel like you can’t share what’s going on with your couples therapist or marriage counselor. The more you tell them, the better they’ll be able to assist you with repairing the relationship you hold close. 

The Benefits of Relationship Counseling

Choosing therapy or counseling services can enhance your ability to resolve conflict and communicate effectively. With the support and guidance of your therapist or counselor, you and your partner will talk through the issues that are dividing you, learning to express your selves and empathize with each other in new ways. A couples therapist or marriage counselor can help you both to: 

  • Establish healthy boundaries 
  • Highlight the importance and need for compromise
  • Rebuild trust after infidelity or dishonesty 
  • Rekindle sexual intimacy together 
  • Help both partners manage anger or anxiety 

And if you’re working, traveling, or just wanting to talk from home, you can connect with your shared provider through online counseling and therapy services with our Pasadena, TX office. As long as you have reliable internet and somewhere private to talk with your provider, you’re set. 

Call Thriveworks in Pasadena, TX to Schedule Couples Therapy or Marriage Counseling

When you and you and your partner feel ready, reach out to Thriveworks in Pasadena, TX for marriage counseling or couples therapy. Call our office; you’ll be connected with a provider who cares about helping you improve your relationship by one of our scheduling specialists. They can help you become a Thriveworks client–where afterward, you’ll gain access to a great variety of exclusive benefits, including: 

  • Same and next day availability: Skip the line and the hassles of waiting days to see your couples therapist or marriage counselor.   
  • Online therapy options: Make time for your relationship’s needs with the flexibility of virtual sessions. Reconnect with your partner even if you’re working, traveling, or just want to talk from home.  
  • Email access to your provider outside of sessions: Stay in touch with your therapist or counselor with the added comfort of email communication. 
  • Flexible cancellation policy: Cancel just a few days before your session 
  • Weekend and evening session times: Enjoy greater flexibility than most other providers can offer; expand your scheduling options with our evening and weekend session times.  

Take time to talk with your partner and decide if couples therapy or marriage counseling is right for your relationship. A counselor or therapist’s help could offer you both the added boost you need to repair the harm that’s been done. When you’re ready to talk, Thriveworks in Pasadena, TX is here to listen. You can confide in our mental health professionals, who are here to walk you through each step in your relationship’s recovery. Through our mental health services, your relationship doesn’t have to keep spiraling downward. When we improve our mental health, we can also improve the health of our romantic connections, as well. Consider if the benefits of couples therapy or marriage counseling are appealing to you and the one you love. 

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