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Marriage is the natural next step for many couples. Two individuals have grown their love for the past several years or their love has developed fast; either way, they’re convinced they want to spend forever together. The couple becomes increasingly excited as they pick their venue, as the bride says “yes” to the dress, as they send out the invitations. What they don’t anticipate, though, is all that comes with marriage—while they’re prepared to vow their commitment to each other “through the good and the bad” and “in sickness and in health,” they don’t fully realize that there are likely challenges ahead.

“A happy marriage is about three things: memories of togetherness, forgiveness of mistakes, and a promise to never give up on each other.” –Surabhi Surendra

There’s nothing wrong with arguing or running into trouble now and then with your spouse. In fact, it’s normal and healthy to experience conflict—and getting through this conflict actually strengthens a relationship. But the catch is that some couples struggle to communicate effectively about an issue and/or to resolve a given conflict. That’s where marriage therapy comes in.

Marriage therapy is designed to help spouses work through the issues that plague their relationship, from parenting disagreements to financial strife, infidelity, and much more. If you and your partner could use professional help and support, consider working with a marriage therapist at Thriveworks Newark. The providers at Thriveworks Newark have an impressive set of skills and experience to back them up. They can help you strengthen your marriage and live an ultimately happier life together. Call (302) 724-6662 to schedule an appointment.

Common Topics Discussed in Marriage Therapy

Life can get crazy and hard to balance: With work, chores, and other responsibilities crowding the picture, many of us put our relationships on the backburner. You might even have days where you barely say a word to each other because you’ve both been busy on the go. While this is totally understandable, it’s also crucial that we give our spouse the regular love and attention they deserve. Even if it’s a quick text reminding your spouse that you’re thinking of them or you can’t wait to see them.

The above depicts a common problem: time management. There are other issues that arise in marriage and that are discussed in marriage therapy, including:

  • Lack of intimacy
  • Jealousy issues
  • Infidelity/adultery
  • Disagreements in parenting
  • Ineffective communication
  • Money struggles

Do you and your spouse argue about the above? Are you struggle to “agree to disagree” or move forward happily with your relationship? If the answer is yes, consider working with a marriage therapist at Thriveworks Newark. We have marriage therapists who are ready to step in and help immediately. They can assist you in working through the above issues (or issues that did not make this list) and provide the necessary support.

Schedule a Session with a Marriage Therapist at Thriveworks Newark

As with most experiences in counseling or therapy, marriage therapy at Thriveworks Newark is designed on an individual basis to best help clients. Your therapist will meet with you and your spouse, work to understand your relationship dynamic as well as the challenges you face, and then develop a plan for helping you through those challenges. Your Thriveworks Newark marriage therapist will ultimately lead you to a happier, healthier relationship.

Thriveworks Newark employs a no waiting list policy. In other words, you will not be put on a waiting list when you call to schedule an appointment. Instead, a scheduling specialist will help you set up an appointment at your earliest convenience. In many instances for new clients, this means having their first session within the week. Additionally, we accept many different insurance plans to best help all of our clients.

If you think that you and your spouse could benefit from work with a marriage therapist, call Thriveworks Newark today at (302) 724-6662.

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