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Have you ever heard of people getting cold feet prior to or on their wedding day?  The couple is deeply in love and have pictured a lifetime together.  They are committed to a long-lasting life of bliss with each other and they’re eager for what’s to come.  So, what’s the issue?  Obviously, there are flaws one person has that the other person dislikes—but isn’t that normal?  Of course, it is.  Being married is a huge commitment and it’s not unusual to feel anxious or apprehensive leading up to the big day.  Wedding planning, work, a social life—all of these things can cause you to put your relationship on the backburner.  When two people agree to take the next step in their relationship, shouldn’t they feel like they know everything about each other? 

At Thriveworks Maumelle, we know that relationships require work.  Our premarital counselors are willing and prepared to help you and your partner discover underlying issues and work through them by teaching you positive communication tactics.  Allowing yourselves to be vulnerable and open can allow for a life-changing experience through counseling.  

Premarital Counseling: What is it?  

Whether you’re preparing for marriage, or you are in a committed relationship and want to get on the right track, premarital counseling could be just what you need.  Premarital counseling brings two people together to learn and develop communication skills, identify conflict areas, and discover how to properly overcome these difficulties.  With an overwhelming amount of marriages ending in divorce, it is vital for couples to learn how to work together through whatever life throws at you.  

Premarital counseling is more frequently used by couples in the time leading up to their wedding.  However, premarital counseling can be advantageous to couples considering marriage and need the reassurance that they are ready for the next step.  When two people learn to communicate effectively, a lot can stem from it.  Some couples finish counseling and feel closer than ever.  However, some couples walk away from therapy deciding that they are better off to lead separate lives—and that’s okay, too.  

What Is Discussed in Premarital Counseling?  

Premarital counseling is highly encouraged for couples who are engaged and are committed to each other.  The benefits are limitless, and research has shown that premarital counseling can reduce divorce rates and sideline pre-wedding cold feet.  You don’t have to have a problem to seek premarital counseling.  Instead, use premarital counseling as a way to strengthen what is already there and prepare for your future together.  Some areas that are covered in premarital counseling can include:  

  • Interests and activities, you both enjoy
  • What to expect from each other
  • Communication skills and tactics
  • Religious beliefs and practices
  • Expectations of marriage
  • Budgeting and finance (one of the major sources issues that arise in a relationship)
  • Children and your expectations of parenthood
  • Sexuality
  • Need for personal space

Premarital counseling isn’t always easy, but it is worth it.  Taking the next step in your relationship and diving deeper into ways to better work together help your relationship flourish.  Opening communication lines is essential to maintaining a happy, healthy relationship.  

Schedule a Session at Thriveworks Maumelle Today  

Here at Thriveworks Maumelle, we know that no two relationships are the same.  Our premarital counselors want to get to know each of you in order to ensure they can have a unique plan of action set up for your relationship. They are ready to support you and watch your relationship grow. To schedule an appointment with one of our premarital counselors, just give us a call at (501) 628-9066.  

At Thriveworks we accept many different insurance plans as well as offer flexible hours with weekend and evening availability.  Thriveworks has a “no waiting list” policy. Why? Because we want our clients to get the help they need as soon as possible. If you’re ready for this help, consider making that call. A scheduling specialist will help you set up your appointment. And you’ll be on your way to building a happier, healthier life with your life partner.  

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