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What does your calendar hold for you today? You probably have work to do—both personal and professional. If you are like most people, you will be punching the clock at your job, paying bills, running errands—all the “have tos” of life. You most likely have a few “want tos” sprinkled in when there is time—grabbing lunch with a friend, volunteering for a cause that matters, watching a movie with a loved one. It can feel like what people have to do dominates their calendar while what they want to do is left for if or when there happens to be time. However, many people are working to reverse that ratio—building in more of what they want to do in life, and they are taking back their calendars through setting strategic and important goals.

“The thing about goals is that living without them is a lot more fun,
in the short run. It seems to me, though, that
the people who get things done, who lead,
who grow and who make an impact… those people have goals.”
—Seth Godin

Considerable research recounts and explores the relationship between goal setting and achievement. People can often accomplish extraordinary feats when they clarify their values, define a process, and set a deadline. Nonetheless, many people do not utilize this proven process, and Seth Godin explains why. An effective process and an easy process are two different paths. Accomplishment often requires a short-term price for long-term dividends.

There are no by-passes around the dedication and work it takes to accomplish anything worthy, but there is help and support that can make the process better. Many people are reaching out to life coaches and counselors for goal setting help.

More and more, the professionals at Thriveworks Maumelle are helping people add more “want to” to their calendar. Our counselors and coaches know what it takes to overcome the short-term price and reach a long-term success.

Structuring a Goal for Success

The best goals bring excitement and inspiration into daily, mundane life. They can add motivation and focus to the most miserable tasks. How do they accomplish so much? Excellent goals tap into people’s own values and priorities—capitalizing on their talents, skills, and resources. There is a big internal element to well-set goals. However, goals never stay internally focused. No, the whole point of a goal is to stretch people—pushing them beyond their comfort zone. This requires a significant amount of self-awareness—people need to know where they are and where they want to go. Often, a life coach or counselor can assist people in this process.

Once a goal is set, it needs to take a particular structure to be most effective. The details of a goal are unique, but the structure is not. Excellent goals are often…

  • Time-bound: Each goal needs a time frame. Deadlines should be challenging but realistic. In the midst of a time-bound goal, people have a light at the end of the tunnel—they know when their sacrifice will end, and they are often motivated to accomplish the task.
  • Specific: The best goals express important details, and thus, they can be measured. For example, a vague goal is, “spend more time with my family.” A specific goal is, “visit my grandma twice this month.”
  • Written: People often take goals that they have documented more seriously. Written goals can be revisited and can command people’s attention.
  • Shared: Everyone needs help as they pursue a goal. People can recruit allies by letting people who will support them know about their goals. They can ask for tangible help when appropriate.

Aiming for Diverse Targets

Because goals are expressions of people’s values, the types of goals people set should reflect all the diverse facets of their life. Setting a variety of goals also can make the process more fun. People can set goals for work, but they can also set a goal about taking more vacation time. Anything that people can to achieve can be turned into a goal. For example, goals can be…

  • Artistic Endeavors: How can people express their creativity or support others’ artistic expression?
  • Attitude: What character traits to people want to practice?
  • Finances: How can people spend their money in a way that reflects their purpose in life?
  • Education: What experiences or ideas do people want to explore?
  • Career: Where do people want to dedicate their professional time and energy?
  • Fun: What makes people smile and fills their hearts with joy?
  • Family: How do people want to build their home life? What type of relationships do they want to establish or improve?
  • Physical Strength: What adjustments in their health routines could improve people’s well-being? How can people grow stronger?

Thriveworks Maumelle Goal Setting Help

Many people are prioritizing what matters most to them through goal setting. They are making changes to their lives today that may lead to achievement over the course of the year or next few years. If you are ready to do the same, know that Thriveworks Maumelle has counselors and life coaches who are ready to support and guide the process.

We probably take your insurances (because we work with most insurance companies). We also do not keep a waitlist (who likes to wait?), but we offer evening and weekend sessions.

Let’s get to work. Contact Thriveworks Maumelle today.

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