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At its best, the relationship you have with your partner might seem unbreakable. You exchange secrets, talk in a shorthand language, and share a romantic bond.

But relationship peaks and valleys are natural. Not every day is going to feel like a bed of roses. Perhaps a specific incident occurred to cut through that bond or an argument went too far.

Maybe you’re not sure what happened, or when. But at some point, the relationship went from fabulous to fractured — or maybe to non-existent.

What happens when the valleys grow deeper and the peaks don’t last? When you stop exchanging secrets, or even start keeping them?

If that sounds familiar, couples counseling might help. Counseling can be an important tool to refresh the bond between you and your partner and empower you to find the spark that may have disappeared from your relationship. At Thriveworks in Lehi, UT, our couples therapists help our clients discover the root of their issues and improve their relationships.

Common Reasons Couples Seek Out Relationship Counseling

Relationship and marriage problems can manifest in different ways and for a variety of reasons. Anger and resentment can build to a point that you have difficulty communicating or stop talking altogether. What used to feel natural might have become labored or forced. At that point, couples counseling could be of immense value.

All couples are different but relationship problems have some common sources that you might recognize. Are you experiencing any of these issues?

  • Financial worries or disputes
  • Disagreements about parenting
  • Troubles with intimacy
  • Distrust
  • Infidelity
  • Financial challenges
  • Lack of support
  • Feelings of jealousy or resentment
  • Inability or lack of desire to communicate

If these obstacles are causing cracks in your relationship, consider seeking couples therapy and marriage counseling services at Thriveworks in Lehi, UT. Our trained marriage and family therapists can guide you through ways to address these issues and begin to right your relationship.

What to Expect: How Couples Therapy Works

During a couples therapy session, your licensed marriage and family counselor will work collaboratively with you and your partner to unearth the most salient relationship problems.

Couples therapists employ several techniques, each designed to focus on specific relationship concerns. Your therapist might use one or more of the following strategies during your sessions:

  • The Gottman Method, which emphasizes managing conflict instead of resolving it and promotes techniques to increase respect and affection.
  • Emotionally focused therapy, which can help you and your partner positively change the way you interact. It also seeks to strengthen the bond you share.
  • Narrative therapy, which prompts couples to share their personal stories and to embrace their partner’s experiences. Through this method, couples can gain a better understanding of each other.
  • Relational life therapy, which can help you explore your relationship beyond society’s traditional gender roles and expectations.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy, which seeks to help you understand what motivates your behavior and how to cope with difficult situations.

Some couples benefit from scheduling individual therapy sessions as well while others only require joint sessions. Your therapist will put together a treatment plan that best addresses your relationship needs.

Our couples therapists at Thriveworks in Lehi, UT, provide a safe, comfortable place to explore the causes of your relationship problems. If you’re ready to bring an objective, compassionate perspective to your relationship, reach out to schedule an appointment.

Relationship Counseling Appointments at Thriveworks in Lehi, UT

Loving relationships are wonderful to have and fragile to maintain. Sometimes, they might need a little help, whether to address significant issues or perhaps prevent them.

When you’re ready to seek marriage counseling, Thriveworks in Lehi, UT is here to help. Our licensed professionals can help you address marriage and relationship issues on your schedule and terms. Thriveworks offers early and late appointments on weekdays, as well as weekend availability, to accommodate your busy calendar. Online sessions are available as well.

Additionally, therapists are available by phone or email between sessions to discuss emerging concerns. New couples seeking to improve their relationships and mental health can often see a provider within 24 hours.

At Thriveworks, we accept many major insurance plans and offer additional benefits. Among them:

  • Life coaching Q&A to assist with pressing questions
  • Counselor-moderate community discussions
  • A flexible cancellation policy
  • Free access to our eBook, “Leaving Depression Behind”
  • Exclusive videos

Your relationship doesn’t have to suffer. If you’re ready, call or contact Thriveworks in Lehi, UT to make an appointment for couples counseling. We’re here to help you begin looking toward that bright future together again.

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