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Las Vegas NV Couples and Marriage Counseling

We’d like to thank you for stopping to consider how the health of your relationship might improve with couples therapy. All relationships face highs and lows, both positive and negative spells and yours, though unique, does as well. The place you and your partner inhabit, emotionally, is most likely not where you started, nor is it written in stone for your future.

Are you like Carrie and Craig? They married young, right out of college, and it wasn’t long before they began to question their commitment: Carrie still wanted to see what life could offer her as an independent, single young woman; while Craig wanted to travel the world. Wanderlust led to resentment in just three years of marriage, for the college sweethearts. Or perhaps your story resembles that of John and Liz, who simply stared at each other over the dinner table, unsure what to do after their last son moved away to college. They hardly knew each other after twenty years of raising kids; both were overwhelmed at starting a new phase of their life together.

It’s possible you more closely identify with the attraction of opposites in Tiffany and Brian’s home. While both are dedicated parents, their child-rearing philosophies come from different schools of parenting. Brian was expected to wear a collared shirt to dinner, while Tiffany never had a curfew, growing up. Now that their daughter is a rebellious 16 year-old, they’re finding it difficult to reach common ground, given their opposing approaches.

How satisfying is the current state of your relationship? In some cases, couples come to us seeking professional guidance for specific situations—problems getting along, infidelity, parenting, trust issues. In others, couples choose to see a therapist because they feel the relationship is incomplete, or missing something. Sometimes, they come because they want more of a connection and greater intimacy.

Nothing great was ever accomplished without hard work. If the thought of discussing the personal details of your relationship drains your energy or causes anxiety, you’re perfectly normal. With some of our clients, one partner is ready for therapy and the other apprehensive; however, we’ve learned through years of field experience that making a commitment to change is, by far, most effective and fruitful when guided by a professional.

We’re ready when you are. Making an appointment is your first assignment. So, why Thriveworks Couples Counseling? Thriveworks assesses the needs and goals of both partners and the relationship, by first listening to your story. A licensed counselor will offer you new tools to use as you navigate through your specific concerns to land in a place of resolution and understanding. Without telling you what decisions to make, we facilitate conversation to expand your sense of self, including your family history and unique relationship dynamics. That’s how real change happens.

The “three-client model” used in-session by our therapists (partner 1, partner 2, the relationship itself) surprises many new clients; the therapist considers optimal results for all three parties. Back to the example of Tiffany and Brian, who were both generous, emotionally healthy, loving individuals who only wanted the best for their daughter, but their style of communication needed a bit of work. Identifying the problem shed a more positive and helpful light on the situation.

“Change doesn’t happen overnight, but we believe it can be achieved sooner and with more promising results when it happens within the support system of counseling. Thriveworks couples therapists specialize in a variety of strategies to get to the root of your particular challenge.”

Get to know us

Thriveworks Las Vegas couples counseling has helped improve the relationship quality of thousands of couples. Our mission is to offer a life-enriching, empowering, and positive experience for our clients.

With a staff of highly trained, licensed mental health professionals, Thriveworks has achieved national media acclaim as leaders in our field. In addition to attention on national ABC and NBC broadcasts, Thriveworks has been featured in publications such as The Boston Business Journal, The Boston Globe, The Chicago Tribune, Counseling Today, Prevention, and Psychiatric Times.

A Safe Space

A sense of safety and transparency are requirements for couples therapy to be successful, so Thriveworks provides an easy environment to talk through the positives and negatives of your situation.

Because of the complexity of relationships and how daunting it may feel to explain your history to a third party, we only hire therapists who are focused listeners, compassionate and warm, to put you at ease.

There is no one correct way or state of mind to arrive at a session. Our therapists are prepared to meet you exactly where you are.

Our No Waiting List Policy for Couples Therapy

It is understood, here, that therapy-driving circumstances are often emotionally intense, so we make a habit of absolute accessibility to clients, making it easy for you to get in touch. Our counselors are available within 24 hours of your call to make an appointment, and we always start on time (more than 97% of the time) because we honor punctuality in all our sessions.

You always have the option to call your counselor as a Thriveworks Couples Counseling client, even if you don’t have an appointment. Even during evening hours, you can expect a prompt return phone call.

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