Family Therapy in Kingwood, TX--Best Therapists in Houston Area

Family Therapy in Kingwood, TX–Best Therapists in Houston Area

Oprah Winfrey once stated, “Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother.” It’s also accurate to say that blood doesn’t make you a family. So what are the defining characteristics of a parent, a primary caregiver, a family member? And do those qualities fluctuate throughout the lifespan of a family, or do they need to remain unchanging? 

People have different expectations about what a family should look like and feel like, depending on how they were brought up. Sometimes those assumptions are explicit–like when you think a family should have each other’s backs–and other times the beliefs are implicit, like when you think (mistakingly) that loving families shouldn’t fight. When conflicts arise in families, it’s sometimes helpful to examine and question these underlying beliefs. Maybe they’re not serving a healthy purpose. After all, every family is different.

The premium family therapists at Thriveworks in Kingwood, TX can facilitate these complex discussions between family members and help people determine what a healthy family looks like to them. Family therapy takes place in a safe, secure atmosphere where everyone is encouraged to speak their mind respectfully and openly. Each point of view matters. A family therapist helps family members zero in on the exact issue, then helps them find practical solutions. This is often done effectively in fewer than 12 sessions. 

What Are the Benefits of Family Therapy? 

Family counseling can help family members achieve their individual and collective goals, whatever they may be. For example, clients might come to marriage and family therapy at Thriveworks in Kingwood, TX because a child is acting out and it’s affecting everyone, parents and other siblings included. But after a few sessions of family therapy, it may become apparent that the child is acting out because of a marital conflict between Mom and Dad. By looking more closely at that conflict, showing the child how it’s not his fault, and teaching the child better coping skills, the behavioral issue might be resolved. The therapist might also recommend marriage counseling for the parents. That’s just one example of how family therapy can lead to emotional clarity and enduring solutions. 

Licensed marriage and family therapists (LMFTs) at Thriveworks are experienced in treating all kinds of issues that crop up in families, including the following:

  • Postpartum depression
  • Anxiety 
  • Grief
  • Financial stress
  • Marital stress
  • Juvenile delinquency or crime
  • Conflict 
  • Tension
  • Estrangements
  • Emotional or verbal abuse
  • Chronic illness 
  • Caregiver burnout
  • Anorexia or bulimia
  • Behavioral problems 
  • Substance abuse
  • Codependency
  • Perfectionism
  • Unhealthy parenting styles

Though a family therapist’s job isn’t to assign blame, sometimes they may identify one family member who could benefit from additional psychological support. In that event, they may refer the person for individual counseling. 

What Is a Typical Treatment Plan for Family Therapy?

A typical treatment plan for family therapy might include a hybrid of therapeutic approaches, such as strategic therapy, narrative therapy, structural therapy, or systemic therapy. Family therapy sessions might also incorporate mindfulness techniques that can improve everyone’s overall mental health. Family therapy can also assign specific exercises that may help enhance communication and honesty between family members. 

Above all, family therapists at Thriveworks in Kingwood, TX develop treatment plans that aim to achieve the family’s own goals. This means they may focus on any of the following issues:

  • Reconciliation and healing
  • Better rapport
  • Reduction in conflict and tension
  • Forgiving, or asking for forgiveness
  • Establishing boundaries
  • Managing anger
  • Building trust in each other
  • Exploring misunderstandings 
  • Finding individual support

Is Family Therapy Done Online?

Family therapy at Thriveworks in Kingwood, TX is unique in that clients can choose online counseling sessions or in-person counseling sessions. Whether clients meet their top-rated therapist virtually or in-person in the Houston area, the sessions are full-length, high-quality, and traditional in scope. They can also be transformative for the health of a family.

Enhance Communication with Family Therapy at Thriveworks in Kingwood, TX

When you make the decision to see a family therapist, you want to get started right away. That’s why Thriveworks makes its therapists available to you quickly. Most clients have their first session within 24-48 hours of their initial booking. To get matched to a top-rated therapist in Kingwood, TX, you can call the Thriveworks office during our extended business hours and reach a human being, not a voicemail. Or you can book online. The Thriveworks roster of mental health providers includes many diverse specialties so you’re likely to find an exceptional match. 

Thriveworks providers accept most major forms of health insurance. They also offer affordable self-pay rates for clients paying out of pocket. As an additional enrollment benefit, Thriveworks clients can reach their provider by phone or email between sessions. 

Show your family how much you care by bringing everyone together for family counseling at Thriveworks. We look forward to helping you and your family. 

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