Postpartum & Pregnancy

Are my fears normal or do I have postpartum anxiety? Here’s what new moms need to know

Today, new moms understand that they may experience “the baby blues” and maybe even postpartum depression. These are two very real possibilities that they prepare for. But there’s another common condition that new moms develop after having a baby that is less talked about: postpartum anxiety. While it’s normal to…

Adjusting to life postpartum is no easy task—but if you follow these professional tips, you can combat lonely and depressive feelings

Adjusting to life postpartum is difficult for most women, but it’s important to understand when your health is at risk. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with anxiety or depression, don’t feel ashamed—but do seek professional help if they persist or worsen. And don’t forget about the help you can receive from…

You can be a good mom to your newborn and stay on top of your physical, mental, and emotional health—here’s how

While it’s important to prioritize your newborn’s health, it’s equally as important that you take care of yourself as well. Keep your physical health on track by staying hydrated and eating nutritious foods. You should also maintain open communication with your doctor and continue to listen to your body’s cues….

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