Q: Do you offer family therapy? My family has experienced domestic violence and would like a space to process abusive experiences. 

A: Hello there,

First of all, I’m sorry for what you and your family have experienced. A history of domestic violence within a family can be challenging to repair, and seeking professional support is a great first step. Of course, if there is ongoing violence or imminent danger or risk, ensure safety for all parties and know that family therapy may not be appropriate in a situation that is unsafe. The National Domestic Violence Hotline has resources for imminently violent or more emergency situations.

In a family therapy setting, all members meet together and may explore certain patterns and impacts of violence within the family and get support to change these patterns. Thriveworks offers family therapy in addition to individual therapy, both of which can support processing trauma and abuse. If you have experienced abuse or neglect within your partnership or family, it is often useful to engage with an individual therapist for support before and/or in addition to family or couples therapy.

I hope this information helps, and you and your family can get the support you need to process your experiences, heal, and move forward.


Kate Hanselman, PMHNP-BC