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Dads get a bad rap: Insights into being a supportive father, despite what pop culture and societal stereotypes may say

Dads are commonly portrayed in pop culture as oblivious, absent-minded, and detached—in other words, they’re often shown as being incapable of parenting. The laughs are real, but the societal implications are as well. Our favorite shows and media often critique and remark on our social norms and issues. When it…

Anxious parents and resilient kids: A guide for stopping the cycle of parental anxiety

The mental health of parents can influence their children environmentally as well as genetically.  When kids are feeling anxious, it may be time to look at what fearful, overcautious parents are teaching children about themselves.  Anxiety is a natural part of life, but anxious parents can model healthy coping strategies…

Are you worried that your child or teen is suicidal? A mental health professional offers actionable tips for getting them the help they need

If your teen confides in you about suicidal thoughts or feelings, validate their emotional pain, show that you take them seriously, and ask them important (yet non-threatening) questions about it. You should also assure them that you’re on their side—let them know you support them and you’ll make it through…

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