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Why do people like true crime before bedtime? Murder media as a psychological coping strategy

True crime documentaries, true crime podcasts, and other forms of murder media continue to be a growing obsession in the United States and beyond — especially among women. Murder media can have positive psychological effects on its mostly female audience, whether they’re motivated by hedonistic (pleasure-seeking) or eudaimonic (meaning-seeking) reasons….

Thriveworks Comes to Greensboro, NC: Quick, Flexible Online Counseling Options Offered During COVID-19

Greensboro, NC. September 14, 2020 —Thriveworks Counseling opens its newest office in Greensboro, NC to provide crucial mental health help and support during the pandemic. Currently, the office offers telephone counseling and video counseling session; they hope to open for in-person sessions soon. Thriveworks Counseling isn’t like other counseling practices….

How to help a child who has suffered from trauma: Build a connection, be gentle, and help them process their emotions

Traumatic stress leaves you feeling terrible. When you’re experiencing traumatic stress, your body tenses and gives in to physiological changes that can lead to digestive issues and headaches. When children experience this kind of overwhelming emotion, it limits their ability to engage positively in learning. Curiosity is a result of…

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