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Feeling sad is a normal part of life. Maybe it’s negative feedback on a work project, a falling out in a cherished friendship, or a sudden injury that prevents you from taking a long-planned holiday. Occasional sadness, grief, and heartbreak are unavoidable facts of being human.

However, if you have long-lasting feelings of misery, struggle to get out of bed in the morning, or feel isolated from the people who care about you, there might be a more pressing issue at hand. Like millions of people who live with depressive disorders, you may find it difficult to maintain interest in daily activities, enjoy hobbies, and spend time with loved ones.

Depression is a mental health disorder that stems from various biological, psychological, and social factors. Fortunately, mental health professionals have the training and experience to diagnose and treat depression and its symptoms, allowing clients to live happier, healthier lives.

If you think you’re experiencing depression, licensed therapists and counselors at Thriveworks Counseling in Hattiesburg, MS, may be able to help. Call our office today to get started.

Depression: Common Types and Symptoms

No two people go through life in the same way. There are several forms of depression, and although there are similarities, everyone’s experience can be unique. While a mood disorder might cause one person to turn to substance abuse, it could turn another to self-harm.

The following is a list of the most common depressive disorders and depression symptoms:

  • Major depressive disorder: This is one of the most common depressive disorders. It’s caused by a number of biological, psychological, and social stressors. Major depressive disorder can cause suicidal thoughts and alter your sleep habits, appetite, energy level, and confidence. MDD typically presents as extreme feelings of sadness, disinterest, and loneliness.
  • Bipolar disorder: Often characterized by intense mood swings that result in manic highs or depressive lows, bipolar disorder is often influenced by genetic traits and your environment.
  • Postpartum depression: Postpartum depression can be triggered by hormonal changes after a child is born and can cause a person to lose sleep, be irritable, and struggle to properly bond with the child.
  • Seasonal affective disorder (SAD): This disorder can occur when you live in an area with gloomy weather where there’s not much sunlight during the winter months. Symptoms of SAD include moodiness, fatigue, a feeling of hopelessness, and social withdrawal.

Your mental health experience might not be the same as what’s listed above — and that’s ok. Your mental health is unique to your situation. Working with a board-certified psychiatrist in Hattiesburg, MS, can help manage the issues in your life. Call us today or use our convenient online scheduling tool to get started.

How Does Depression Therapy Typically Work?

Counseling and therapy for depression create a judgment-free zone for working through intense emotions and exploring your mental health. A licensed counselor or therapist might want to talk about your mental health history, work-life balance, relationships, and more. Then, as the situation becomes more apparent, they may diagnose you with a mental health disorder and begin tackling symptoms they’ve identified. Treating depression is a manageable process that helps people regain control and happiness.

Some of the most common treatment methodologies for treating depression include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT): CBT is designed to help change any negative patterns of thought or behavior that contribute to or worsen your depression. CBT usually focuses on your most pressing concerns and helps you form new coping skills.
  • Interpersonal therapy: This therapy centers on relationships with family, romantic partners, colleagues, and friends. It aims to improve depressive episodes related to conflict in-between people by providing you with guidance for healthier communication and problem-solving skills.
  • Medication: Psychiatrists can prescribe medication to their clients, and other mental health professionals can work with a psychiatrist for medication management services. Medication can improve your mood, sharpen your focus, and reduce symptoms of depression.

Do you think you’re living with depression? Consider calling our office at Thriveworks Counseling in Hattiesburg, MS, today. One of our team members can help you get started.

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