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It takes years of practice for basketball players to become professional athletes or years of studying and accreditation for students to become licensed teachers.

The commonality between these individuals is that they remained committed. They set goals, overcame obstacles, and sought the mentorship of trained professionals to aid them in their journey.

Caring for your mental health can often take a similar path. To have sound mental clarity, you must set targets, work through challenges, and seek help when needed. Just as coaches and professors provide guidance for athletes and educators, trained psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, and counselors can provide the guidance and tools you need in order to thrive.

Tackling a mental illness, emotional disorder, or difficult challenge can be tough to do alone but a professional can help you keep a clear picture of your mental and emotional goalposts. To get started, consider contacting us at Thriveworks Counseling in Green Bay, WI. A team member will help you set up an appointment and give you your first glimpse at excellent care.

Common Reasons To Seek Counseling

Counseling can be a transformative experience. For many people, seeking the help of a mental health professional may be their first foray into self-care. So much of our lives are dedicated to the service of others, from our children and partners to our colleagues, friends, and neighbors.

But therapy — even couples and group therapy — is different. Therapy is what we do to enrich our own lives. It can help us address issues we have with ourselves and develop the confidence we need to flourish.

Therapy means different things to different people. That’s why it’s important to clear up the misconception that therapy and counseling are only for people with severe mental illnesses. They can help people sort through all sorts of common problems.

Some of the most common reasons people seek out mental health support include:

  • Grief
  • Panic attacks
  • Social phobias
  • Anger issues
  • Anxiety issues
  • Relationship problems
  • Stress management
  • Child behavioral concerns
  • Depression
  • Goal planning
  • Life transitions such as big moves or job loss
  • Substance abuse and addiction

It’s okay if you don’t know the exact cause of your mental or emotional health concern. Our psychologists, counselors, psychiatrists, therapists, and other mental health professionals at Thriveworks in Green Bay, WI are here to uncover your specific issues and to address them head-on with proper diagnosis and care.

What Mental Health Services Do You Offer?

At Thriveworks, our licensed mental health professionals offer a number of mental, emotional, and behavioral health services in Green Bay, WI. Some of our services include:

  • PTSD and trauma therapy
  • Couples and marriage counseling
  • Stress and anger management
  • Loss and grief counseling
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Child and family therapy
  • Career and life coach counseling

Every challenge deserves quality care. No matter why you decide to schedule an appointment with a Thriveworks team member, know that we’re here to make your wellness journey as smooth as possible.

Is It Time To Speak With a Licensed Psychiatrist?

A licensed psychiatrist can provide specialized support in times of need. Whether you’re struggling with anxiety or trying to combat the symptoms of depression, a psychiatrist can help assess, treat, and mitigate your concerns.

What sets psychiatrists apart from other professionals is that they have a medical license that allows them to assess both your mental and physical symptoms. They can also provide the full range of treatments including psychotherapy, prescription medications, and more.

Should your treatment plan require medication, your psychiatrist will review the benefits and potential side effects with you. They’ll also be able to monitor and treat any of the physical ailments that may come along with your mental or emotional health concerns. For instance, they may be able to prescribe medicine for the headaches that sometimes accompany depression or the panic attacks that sometimes accompany anxiety.

Contact us at Thriveworks in Green Bay, WI to schedule an appointment with one of our board-certified psychiatrists today.

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No two mental and emotional health journeys are exactly the same. That’s why we’ve created a community that offers a variety of benefits to suit different needs.

As a client with Thriveworks, you’ll have access to our online life coach Q&A service, exclusive online video content, and a counselor-moderated message board. You can book an appointment on the weekends or evenings or schedule one virtually via phone or video.

When you’re ready to address your specific challenges in a meaningful way, please schedule an appointment with one of our providers at Thriveworks in Green Bay, WI. Our new clients can often meet with us within 24 to 48 hours of contact. Together, we can take the next steps on your wellness journey. We look forward to your call.

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